Ray Tracing Isn’t As Close As The RTX 2080ti RTX Enabled Games Might Take A While

You need to wait for RTX games to show up on your new hardware

While building the Turing architecture GPUs, Nvidia had one thing in mind and that was the future. With the RTX 2000 series, Nvidia has brought the technology which seemed to be years away from reaching the masses, a single purchase away from the consumers. The RTX cards, featuring the dedicated Tensor and RT cores which together bring the power of Artificial Intelligence to enhance computing power and enable real-time ray tracing in supported games.

CEO Jensen Huang revealing the dual fan design of the new cards

Ray Tracing for the longest time has been considered to be unachievable at real time by the standard of existing technology, which is why the CEO of Nvidia, Jensen Huang dedicated the whole reveal conference for the RTX cards in explaining Ray Tracing, which is pretty amazing in its own right, but left the viewers craving for some actual benchmarks and the performance gain over the last generation in normal graphical workloads.

Nvidia also started taking pre-orders for the  RTX 2080ti and the RTX 2080 after the conference, and it didn’t seem like the best idea to go ahead and pull the trigger on that transaction solely on the fact that there is no statement or benchmarks yet on the performance gain over the GTX 10 series.

This thought process becomes stronger due to the fact that when the cards launch and you receive them, if you have pre-ordered one, there will be no titles coming out for a while which will be making use of the revolutionized real-time ray tracing capabilities. Although Nvidia has released a big list of titles which will be supporting the technology eventually, none of them will be available to test out and play with at the time of launch of the cards.

RTX Enabled Games Shown At Gamescom Conference
Source – Fudzilla

Although we cannot blame Nvidia for the unavailability of titles making use of this technology. The RTX cards function on the Raytracing API of Microsoft’s DirectX platform, which was only announced earlier this year in March. And this short period did not provide a big enough window for game developers to make use of the technology in their games.

Raytracing enabled games will starts showing up around one month after the launch of the RTX 2080ti and 2080, which should sit very close to the launch of RTX 2070 which too supports the same technology.

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