Official Specifications For Intel’s 13th Gen ‘Raptor Lake’ Leak Out

Igor’s Lab recently posted a news article showcasing the entire Raptor Lake lineup. The specs along with the marketing pictures are officially from Intel.

Raptor Lake

Intel’s Raptor lake is built on the ‘Intel 7‘ process. These new CPUs feature the Raptor Cove architecture for the performance cores whereas the old Gracemont architecture is used for the efficient cores. Making use of the LGA 1700 socket, Raptor Lake is backwards compatible with the -600 series motherboards.

13th Gen vs 12th Gen

Coming to the technical specifications, Raptor lake supports DDR5-5600 RAM which is 800MHz faster than last Gen. Additionally, 13th Gen CPUs are powered by 2x more efficient cores which bumps the max core count to 24.

Intel 12th Gen vs 13th Gen | Intel via igorslab

The SKUs

From Intel themself, a leaked chart which might have been used for their presentation gives us the full specs of the upcoming CPUs. The lineup of each family (i5,i7 and i9) includes only the K/KF variants. We expect the others to be announced at the upcoming CES 2023.

i9 Lineup

  1. The flagship i9-13900K is powered by 24 cores (8p+16e) / 32 threads. The performance and efficient cores are rated at 3.0GHz and 2.2GHz which can go as high as 5.4GHz and 4.3GHz respectively. Using Intel’s thermal velocity boost, you can attain insanely fast clocks of 5.8GHz across a single core. In the cache department, the kingpin boasts impressive numbers standing at 68MB (36MB L3 + 32MB L2). This combined with Intel’s efficiency gains puts the power consumption at 125W (Max Turbo Power of 253W).
  2. Further in the i9 series, we find the i9-13900KF which is identical to the 13900K except for the fact that it lacks an iGPU.
Raptor Lake SKU Chart | Intel via igorslab

i7 Lineup

  1. The i7-13700K has an impressive 16 core/ 24 thread count. The base clock for the performance cores is 3.4GHz. In contrast, the efficient cores stand at 2.5GHz. This may seem slow, however under heavy loads, these clock speeds are increased to 4.2GHz and 5.3GHz for the efficient and performance cores respectively. Raptor lake has drastically improved Intel’s cache game. The 13700K ships with 56MB, divided across 30MB of L3 and 26MB of L2 cache. The TDP is rated at 125W (Maximum Turbo Power of 253W).
  2. The 13700KF is again, identical to its -K counterpart except for the iGPU.

i5 Lineup

  1. So far it seems that Intel will only stick to the i5 family as its budget friendly lineup. The 13600K is a beast in multi core performance with its 14 core (8p+6e) / 20 thread configuration. This CPU packs a punch providing out of the box clock speeds of 3.5GHz and 2.6GHz for the performance and efficient cores respectively. This can go as high as 5.1GHz for the p-cores and 3.9GHz for the e-cores. 20MB of L2 and 24MB of L3 cache amount up to a massive 44MB of total cache. As for the power metrics, the base TDP is 125W (Max Turbo Power of 181W).
  2. The 13600KF yet again, is similar to the 13600K except in the GPU department.

Cache Improvements

With Raptor Lake, you will see enhanced cache performance along with improved on-paper numbers. In Alder Lake, the L2 cache per each performance core stood at 1.25MB. Raptor Lake bumps this to 2MB which is a 60% increment. Similarly, each e-core cluster (4 e-cores) in Alder Lake shipped with just 2MB of L2 Cache, which is increased by 2x (4MB) with Raptor Lake. 

The i9-13900K is powered by 24 cores (8p + 16e). This makes the 8 performance cores have (8x2MB) = 16MB of L2 cache. The Raptor Lake king contains (16e/4) = 4 e-core clusters which make up for an additional 4x4MB = 16MB of L2 cache. What’s interesting is that the e-cores along with the the cache/e-core cluster are doubled in this generation. This leads to a massive 4x increment in L2 cache across the e-cores (4MB in 12900K vs 16MB in 13900K).

Intel Hybrid Architecture | Intel via igorslab

Turbo Max Technology

Ever heard of the term ‘silicon lottery’? Basically, not all chips are made the same. Some differ in terms of maximum available clocks. When manually overclocking, this term is often used and makes a huge difference.

Similarly, the best cores may also vary a bit. Intel’s signature Turbo Max technology 3.0 selects the best available Performance-cores and uses them to deliver enhanced single-core performance.

Intel Turbo Max Technology | Intel via igorslab

AI Acceleration

Are you a gamer looking for ‘NVIDIA Broadcast‘ like abilities but do not have an RTX GPU? Fear not, for Intel’s neural noise cancellation software will remove background noise and even keyboard clatter. This feature began back with Rocket Lake (11th Gen). You can read more about this here

Intel Gaussian and Neural Accelerator 3.0 | Intel via igorslab

Enhanced iGPU Capabilities

Team blue’s Xe architecture has been a massive improvement over last-Gen. Alder Lake featured the same architecture for its iGPUs. With Raptor Lake you can enjoy features such as 8K HDR, AV1 Decode, HEVC 10b and Intel Quick Sync Video supported with GPUs from NVIDIA and AMD.

Intel Raptor Lake with the Xe Architecture | Intel via igorslab

The Z790 Chipset

We have finally come to the final part and that is the chipset(s) for Raptor Lake. The diagram below is from Intel themself. The 13th Gen processors support 1×16 PCIe 5.0 or 2×8 PCIe 5.0 Lanes for your GPU. Only 4 PCIe 4.0 lanes are available directly for the processor. 

The chipset on the other hand, features support for 20x PCIe 4.0 lanes having speeds of up to 6Gb/s. In addition, the Z790 can power up to 5 USB 3.2 Gen 2×2, 10 USB 3.2 Gen 2×1 and 10 USB 3.2 Gen 1×1 Ports. That was a mouthful.

Z790 Chipset Overview | Intel via igorslab

The -600 vs Z790 chipset comparison is present below:

Intel Chipset Comparison | Intel via igorslab


All in all, these numbers from Intel seem promising and we cannot wait for the reveal which is set to take place on the 27th of September. The complete schedule for Raptor Lake was leaked a while back

  1. Raptor Lake Announcement : 27th September, 2022
  2. Pre-orders for the i9 series : 27th September, 2022
  3. Pre-orders for the i5/i7 series : 13th October, 2022
  4. Arrival of your goods : 20th October, 2022

All credits go to for providing us with the information we needed to work with. 


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