Intel Raptor Lake Non K & Mobile CPUs Officially Leaked

Videocardz has obtained the entire lineup for Intel’s upcoming 13th Generation Raptor Lake CPUs. The leaked slides from team blue’s CES presentation showcase everything they have in store for us. Let’s get over all of these products, one by one.

Raptor Lake Non-K

This is not the first time we’re talking about Intel’s upcoming 65W Raptor Lake CPUs. In fact, most if not all CPUs have been tested by leakers and reviewers before they were even announced. Also, courtesy of a few leaks we already had the specifications for the complete Non-K series. However, today’s slides are from none other than Intel, giving us a confirmation of everything that has been leaked thus far. Let’s get straight to the news then.

The i5-13400F will cost users $196, or almost $200. This is an important CPU, especially for Intel’s budget market. After that, the i3-13100F is priced at $109, slightly above the $100 threshold. The rest are in line with what we expected initially. It seems like AMD has tough competition in the budget segment, once again. 

Intel Raptor Lake Non-K Lineup | Videocardz

Raptor Lake Desktop Lineup

CPU ModelBase ClocksBoost ClocksCacheCores/ThreadsWattagePrice
Core i9- 13900KF3.0GHz5.8GHz36MB24/32125W$564
Core i9-13900K3.0GHz5.8GHz36MB24/32125W$589
Core i9-13900F2.0GHz5.6GHz36MB24/3265W$524
Core i9-139002.0GHz5.6GHz36MB24/3265W$549
Core i9- 13900T1.10GHz5.3GHz36MB24/3235W$549
Core i7- 13700KF3.4GHz5.4GHz30MB16/24125W$384
Core i7-13700K3.4GHz5.4GHz30MB16/24125W$409
Core i7-13700F2.10GHz5.2GHz30MB16/2465W$359
Core i7-137002.10GHz5.2GHz30MB16/2465W$384
Core i7-13700T1.40GHz4.9GHz30MB16/2435W$384
Core i5- 13600KF3.50GHz5.1GHz24MB14/20125W$294
Core i5-13600K3.50GHz5.1GHz24MB14/20125W$319
Core i5-136002.70GHz5.0GHz24MB14/2065W$255
Core i5-13600T1.80GHz4.8GHz24MB14/2035W$255
Core i5-135002.50GHz4.8GHz24MB14/2065W$232
Core i5- 13500T1.60GHz4.6GHz24MB14/2035W$232
Core i5-13400F2.50GHz4.6GHz20MB10/1665W$196
Core i5-134002.50GHz4.6GHz20MB10/1665W$221
Core i5- 13400T1.30GHz4.4GHz20MB10/1635W$221
Core i3-13100F3.40GHz4.5GHz12MB4/858W$109
Core i3-131003.40GHz4.5GHz12MB4/860W$134
Core i3-13100T2.50GHz4.2GHZ12MB4/835W$134

Raptor Lake Mobile

That’s not all because Videocardz also leaked the entire Raptor Lake Mobile lineup. This is a major leak because we have not heard that much about these CPUs, apart from a few benchmarks. For the unaware, Intel’s mobile offerings are divided across various categories. We’ll start off with the -HX CPUs, which are aimed at high-end laptops, boosting up to 157W.

HX Lineup

The i9-13980HX does indeed exist and features a similar core count to the i9-13900K (Desktop). This CPU has a max frequency of 5.6GHz with the base frequency standing at 2.2GHz. Thankfully, this laptop has a max turbo power of 157W, equal to all other CPUs from this series. In fact, even the i7 family features one such CPU, though that SKU has a higher core/thread count than the rest. 

Intel Raptor Lake Mobile HX Lineup | Videocardz

H Lineup

The HX lineup may provide immense levels of performance, but they are only suitable for high-end laptops given their power consumption. For most consumers, Intel has the H-series of mobile processors. The i9-13900HK is currently the only unlockable processor from this lineup. All CPUs have a base power consumption of just 45W, however, the max turbo power increases if you opt for the i5/i7 family. 

Intel Raptor Lake Mobile H Lineup | Videocardz

P Lineup

After that, the Intel P-series targets consumers looking for adequate performance without consuming much power. The highest-end offering, the i7-1370P houses 14 cores / 20 threads and consumes as little as 28W of power which is pretty efficient. The actual performance, at least in synthetic tests is similar to a desktop 5800X, more on that here

Intel Raptor Lake Mobile P Lineup | Videocardz

U Lineup

Next up is the U-series which as the name suggests is designed for power-efficient laptops. These CPUs feature just 2 performance cores, whereas the rest of the core count is made up of efficient cores. Having a base TDP of just 15W, expect a much longer battery life. 

Intel Raptor Lake Mobile U Lineup | Videocardz

N Lineup

The successor to Intel’s Celeron/Pentium CPUs is the upcoming N-series processors. Actually, the CPUs mentioned below are not a part of Intel’s 13th gen, in fact, they are not even core CPUs. Based entirely on efficient cores, the N-series aims to consume as low as 6W of power. Though, I wouldn’t personally recommend these CPUs if you plan on getting the highest FPS. 

Intel Raptor Lake Mobile N Lineup | Videocardz

Raptor Lake Mobile Lineup

CPUCores/ThreadsCacheTDPBase ClocksMax Frequency
i9-13980HX24/32 (8P + 16E)36MB55W/157W2.2GHz5.6GHz
i9-13950HX24/32 (8P + 16E)36MB55W/157W2.2GHZ5.5GHz
i9-13900HX24/32 (8P + 16E)36MB55W/157W2.2GHz5.4GHz
i7-13850HX20/28 (8P + 12E)30MB55W/157W2.1GHz5.3GHz
i7-13700HX16/24 (8P + 8E)30MB55W/157W2.1GHz5.0GHz
i7-13650HX14/20 (6P + 8E)24MB55W/157W2.6GHz4.9GHz
i5-13600HX14/20 (6P + 8E)24MB55W/157W2.6GHz4.8GHz
i5-13500HX14/20 (6P + 8E)24MB55W/157W2.5GHz4.7GHz
i5-13450HX10/20 (6P + 4E)20MB55W/157W2.4GHz4.6GHz
i9-13900HK14/20 (6P + 8E)24MB45W/115W2.6GHz5.4GHz
i9-13905H’14/20 (6P + 8E)24MB45W/115W2.6GHz5.4GHz
i9-13900H14/20 (6P + 8E)24MB45W/115W2.6GHz5.4GHz
i7-13800H14/20 (6P + 8E)24MB45W/115W2.5GHz5.2GHz
i7-13705H’14/20 (6P + 8E)24MB45W/115W2.4GHz5.0GHz
i7-13700H14/20 (6P + 8E)24MB45W/115W2.4GHz5.0GHz
i7-13620H10/16 (6P + 8E)24MB45W/115W2.4GHz4.9GHz
i5-13600H12/16 (4P + 8E)18MB45W/95W2.8GHz4.8GHz
i5-13505H’12/16 (4P + 8E)18MB45W/95W2.6GHz4.7GHz
i5-13500H12/16 (4P + 8E)18MB45W/95W2.6GHz4.7GHz
i5-13420H8/12 (4P +4E)12MB45W/95W2.1GHz4.6GHz
i7-1370P12/20 (6P + 8E)24MB28W/64W1.9GHz5.2GHz
i7-1360P12/16 (4P + 8E)18MB28W/64W2.2GHz5.0GHz
i5-1350P12/16 (4P + 8E)12MB28W/64W1.9GHz4.7GHz
i5-1340P12/16 (4P + 8E)12MB28W/64W1.9GHz4.6GHz
i7-1365U10/12 (2P + 8E)12MB15W/55W1.8GHz5.2GHz
i7-1355U10/12 (2P + 8E)12MB15W/55W1.7GHz5.0GHz
i5-1345U10/12 (2P + 8E)12MB15W/55W1.6GHz4.7GHz
i5-1335U10/12 (2P + 8E)12MB15W/55W1.3GHz4.6GHz
i5-1334U10/12 (2P + 8E)12MB15W/55W1.3GHZ4.6GHz
i3-1315U6/8 (2P + 4E)10MB15W/55W1.2GHz4.5GHz
i3-1305U5/6 (1P + 4E)10MB15W/55W1.6GHz4.5GHz
Intel U3005/6 (1P + 4E)8MB15W/55W1.2GHz4.4GHz
i3-N-3058/8 (0P + 8E)6MB15W3.8GHz
i3-N3008/8 (0P + 8E)6MB7W3.8GHz
Intel Processor N2008/8 (0P + 4E)6MB6W3.7GHz
Intel Processor N1008/8 (0P + 4E)6MB6W3.4GHz

Source: Videocardz


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