Intel Raptor Lake Mobile CPUs to Launch This Year

Intel recently gave us new information regarding the launch of their Raptor Lake Mobile CPUs. An year after Alder Lake, Intel’s 13th gen is expected to arrive in Q4 2022 putting them right on track.

We are building on Alder Lake leadership with Raptor Lake in second half of this year and Meteor Lake in 2023 […] To date, we’ve shipped well in excess of 35 million units of Alder Lake. Within the current market, we are also seeing relative strength in the premium segments we serve across consumer and commercial. We expect to build on this momentum with the launch of our next-gen product family – Raptor Lake – starting with our desktop SKUs this fall, followed by our mobile family by end of year. The Raptor Lake family will offer customers significant advantages, including doubledigit performance gains gen-on-gen and socket compatibility with Alder Lake. And in 2023, we will deliver our first disaggregated CPU built on Intel 4 – Meteor Lake – which is showing good health in both our and our customers’ labs.

— Intel CEO, Pat Gelsinger 

Alder Lake was released on October 27th. The initial launch comprised of only the K-SKUs whereas the non-K SKUs launched somtime in Jaunary 2021. The mobile Alder Lake CPUs arrived a month later, in February. While this is not bad considering Intel from the 2010s. This time, the mobile based chips will arrive in the same year as their desktop counterparts.

Raptor Lake will be announced on 28th September, 2022 and the leaked launch date is 17th October, 2022. You can read more about it here

The 13th gen will use the new Raptor Cove for the performance cores as compared to Alder Lake’s Golden Cove. The efficient cores will utilize the same Gracemont cove. However, a major architectural upgrade is expected for Meteor Lake (14th gen).



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