Intel Announcing Their 13th Gen ‘Raptor Lake’ CPUs On the 27th Of September, Release Inbound By the 20th of October

Recently, by a leaked slide from Intel, we now know the exact announcement and launch date for their next-Gen ‘Raptor Lake‘ CPUs. Today, AMD officially announced their Zen4 CPUs along with the new AM5 platform. You can read more about them here.

@wxnod on Twitter has shared a internal slide from team blue. The slide shows that Raptor Lake will launch over the course of the next 2 months gradually. The actual event will take place on the 27th of September (28th of September for Taiwan due to the time difference). This is exactly in line with the release date of AMD’s next gen Raphael processors. 

Intel Leaked Slide | wxnod

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The i9-K CPUs will be available for pre-order starting from the 27th of September. Moving onto the i5 and i7 Raptor Lake counterparts, you can pre-order them by the 13th of October and you are expected to receive your i9/i7/i5 CPUs on the 20th of October. That’s a mouthful.

  • Raptor Lake Announcement : 27th September, 2022
  • Pre-orders for the i9 series : 27th September, 2022
  • Pre-orders for the i5/i7 series : 13th October, 2022
  • Arrival of your goods : 20th October, 2022

In addition, starting from the 20th of October, you can find Raptor Lake products on shelves. Although, we still do not know much regarding the non-K SKUs from Raptor Lake. Expect them during the CES 2023 event which is set to take place on the 5th of Jaunary, 2023. Similarly, the Z790 flagship motherboards may launch at the same date as the i9 processors (27th September, 2022).


The Raptor Lake CPUs do not lack behind Zen4 by any means. The leaked benchmarks so far have put Intel ahead in single-core testing, however, the multi-core crown may return to AMD as the final leaks and benchmarks show AMD’s silicon in the lead. This will be one of the most fierce lineups ever.

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