Ubisoft is Finally Addressing Rainbow Six Siege’s Pesky Bullet Holes

Five years after its release, Rainbow Six Siege players are still discovering new game mechanics that even the developers themselves did not expect. One such example is the peeking through bullet holes mechanic that was discovered late last year. Everyone from the casual community to professional players would utilize this seemingly “unfair” mechanic. After months of complaints, Ubisoft has finally broken the silence regarding peeking through bullet holes.

Peeking Bullet Holes

“Single bullet holes are often used to gain an advantage during gunfights,” reads Ubisoft’s latest top issues blog post. “We recognize that this situation can be quite frustrating for some players who couldn’t spot the bullet hole from the distance. We are currently exploring different options to make smaller bullet holes more easily noticeable or unusable for such situations.”

The studio claims to have made “substantial progress” in this regard and are “quite confident” in their solution, though more details will be shared later on. Ubisoft notes that the expected release date for this solution will be in Year 6 Season 2 of the game.

The top issues blog post also went over a handful of other critical issues such as DDoSing and the use of mouse and keyboard on console, cheating and hacking, as well as problems within the game.

Over the past few seasons, Rainbow Six Siege players have begun reporting visibility issues for players using various hard-to-see in-game cosmetics.

“Certain Operator skins are notorious for blending quite effectively within the environment. This led to situation where players considered to be victim of an unfair advantage.”

“Our goal is to let everyone pick and choose their skins without providing any sort of advantage. We will proceed with caution on that topic, as we don’t want this solution to clash with the general art direction of the game.”

Ubisoft plans to have a solution deployed for this sometime in Year 6.

Operation Neon Dawn for Rainbow Six Siege launches tomorrow on December 1st, 2020.

Farhan Ali
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