Rainbow Six Siege’s Next Operators Are Oryx and Yana, Leak Claims

A new Rainbow Six Siege leak allegedly containing details about the year 5 operators has surfaced. A Russian user has revealed a good amount of information regarding the two upcoming operators Oryx and Yana. The original text is in Russian, but a translated version can be found on the official subreddit here.


According to the leak, Oryx is a “130 KG” defender equipped with the MP5, SPAS-12, Bailiff 410, and USP40. He is described as having an “eastern appearance” and supposedly “breaches walls with his body”. While this does sound quite unusual for a game like Rainbow Six Siege, it does line up with the operator picture seen in the year 5 pass reveal. Furthermore, the loadout specified matches the one datamined from the game itself.


The attacker is apparently a female whose physical appearance resembles Ela. The leaker claims that the operator is code named Yana “or something like that”. As for her gadget, its description in the leak is quite vague. “She sends some kind of a hologram that she can control, but that’s all about it,” reads the translation.

Her loadout consists of the ARX200, G36C, and MK1 9mm. While all of these weapons already exist in the game, there will be some changes such as the ARX200 getting a vertical grip slot. The leak also notes that Oryx’s MP5 won’t be ACOG-capable, suggesting that he may not be a 3-armor defender after all.

In addition to year 5 season 1, the leak touches on season 2 operators as well.

The following defender is nicknamed “Slowpoke”, and her gadget can slow down enemies “to a speed where they walk like in barbed wire”. In addition, the operator “can mark hostile’s gadgets through cams”. Part of her loadout is the T-5 SMG and the Super 90 shotgun.

As with all leaks, take this information with a pinch of salt. While these gadget descriptions do line up with previous authentic leaks, it’s entirely possible that Ubisoft changes its approach during development. Regardless, it won’t be long before official information about Rainbow Six Siege’s next year is revealed.


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