Rainbow Six Siege’s Newest Attacker, Maverick, is Nerfed Alongside Zofia and Glaz

After the official reveal of Operation Grim Sky, Ubisoft launched the new content update on the technical test servers. To achieve a bug free and stable launch, the developers want player feedback before pushing Grim Sky to the live servers. After monitoring the test server, Ubisoft deployed a couple of balance changes, including nerfs to Maverick, Zofia and Glaz, to the technical test server.


With most of the nerfs directed towards his blowtorch gadget, it is clear that significant balance issues were found. Before the patch, Maverick’s blowtorch could destroy Barbed Wire in under half a second. Now, it will require half a canister of fuel and approximately two seconds to completely destroy one spool of wire. After players complained about the low volume of the blowtorch, Ubisoft has increased the loudness of the gadget when it is in use.

Ubisoft stated that changes to the blowtorch range, fuel consumption or fuel capacity might be needed, but further data is required before making adjustments. “We would prefer to avoid reducing the range of the Blowtorch if at all possible,” reads the balance update post. “This is an extremely delicate aspect of his gadget, and will require months of work to adjust to ensure the gadget still works properly in all situations.” Additionally, Maverick’s smoke grenades have been replaced with stun grenades to avoid giving him too much utility.


Considered as one of the more stronger attacking operators, Zofia has seen a lot play due to her strong gadget and weapon. Developers believe that she has the ability to burn Jager’s ADS too easily, which is why her Concussion Grenade count has been reduced from 4 to 3.


The latest nerf to Glaz actually originated from a bug which prevented him from destroying Castle’s reinforced barricades. Ubisoft decided to keep it that way and plan to prevent Glaz from shooting through the barricades in the future.

X-Kairos Interaction with Hatches

With the addition of Maverick, Ubisoft reworked hatch reinforcements completely. This change had a direct effect on Hibana, requiring her to use all six pellets of an X-Kairos charge to open a reinforced hatch completely. Due to inconsistencies of pellets not landing properly, the total number of pellets required to blow open a hatch has been reduced from 6 to 4.

While the developers work on more balance changes to operators like Dokkaebi, they are working on a fix for shotgun recoil that is currently not working as intended. Moreover, many players are unhappy with the changes to machine pistol recoil and Ubisoft says they will give it time to settle before making any further changes.

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