Rainbow Six Siege’s New ‘Ranked Reborn’ Playlist Preps Players For The Upcoming Ranked Rework

With Rainbow Six Siege Operation Phantom Sight’s launch on the live servers imminent, Ubisoft has introduced a new playlist. Ranked Reborn is a new limited-time playlist that aims to familiarize players with the upcoming changes to ranked.

Ranked Reborn
Ranked Reborn

Ranked Reborn

The new Ranked Reborn playlist is live now and ends on June 10th. For the next four days, Rainbow Six Siege players can experience pick and ban, three-round rotations, and bomb only matchmaking without affecting their ranked standing.

Over the past four years, Rainbow Six Siege’s ranked game mode hasn’t received many changes. As such, players have gotten quite comfortable with the current rule set. The upcoming changes to ranked will drastically alter how the game mode is played. Many players will struggle to adjust, but ranked reborn will definitely ease the transition.

Pick and Ban

With pick and ban, each ranked game will start off with a ban phase. During this period, both teams will take turns banning one attacker and one defender each. Banned operators will remain locked for both teams for the duration of the match. Depending on the operators banned, some strategies will be more viable than others. As a result, every ranked game will be different from the rest.

Three-Round Rotations

Furthermore, three-round rotations mean that each team will play three rounds of either attack or defense before a role swap occurs. This setting is similar to how pro league functions, where games feature five-round rotations for a total of seven rounds.

Bomb Only Matchmaking

Lastly, operation Phantom Sight marks the removal of Hostage and Secure Area from ranked matchmaking. Although Bomb is widely regarded as the most balanced game mode, the Rainbow Six Siege community is divided over this decision. On one hand, secure area and hostage being in ranked doesn’t really affect those who choose to exclusively play bomb. On the other, limiting ranked to one game mode will significantly decrease queue times.

Regardless, the new Ranked Reborn playlist will definitely help players adjust to the new changes. Rainbow Six Siege Operation Phantom Sight is live now on the test servers, and comes to live servers in a few days.


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