Rainbow Six Siege’s New Operators Are Called Oryx and Iana, CGI Trailer Reveals

As the end of the Six Invitational event draws closer, Rainbow Six Siege developer Ubisoft has shared a teaser trailer of the game’s next season. After the unveiling of Operation Void Edge earlier this week, we finally have our first detailed look at the upcoming operators, Oryx and Iana.

Instead of exclusively showcasing the operator gadgets like the last few seasons, Operation Void Edge’s teaser trailer shifts the focus on the operators themselves. In the video, we see a muscular man running through solid walls in what appears to be some sort of desert. This lines up perfectly with recent leaks which claimed that the new defender was like “Kool-Aid Man”. Ubisoft has confirmed that this operator of eastern appearance is indeed named Oryx. Leaks state that operator’s loadout consists of the ARX200 and G36C.

Furthermore, the trailer also reveals the attacker, Iana. The operator is shown traversing outer space, though the lack of proper equipment suggests it’s actually a simulation. Near the end of the clip, Iana activates her gadget which seems to be some sort of hologram. The video doesn’t make the exact functionality of the gadget very clear, and even the leaks have been quite vague.


The official description of Operation Void Edge notes that both of the new operators are “polar opposites” of each other. Since we know that Oryx is definitely not a silent operator, it must mean that Iana’s gadget deals with some sort of a Nøkk-like stealth mechanic.

To read up on all the leaked information regarding Operation Void Edge, head here. A full reveal of Operation Void Edge will take place on February 15th during the Six Invitational. For the first time in five years, Ubisoft will be hosting an entire panel dedicated to sharing news about Year 5 of Rainbow Six Siege. The studio stated that the game is shifting focus onto story, and that’s quite clear from the new Void Edge CGI trailer.

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