Rainbow Six Siege’s new Italian operators leaked

Not long after the release of the Operation Chimera, the first season of year 3, we got a look at the new Italian operators of season two thanks to data miners on Reddit. A gif was uploaded to the Rainbow Six subreddit in March which showed the operator unlock videos of Maestro and Alibi.

The gif revealed a lot of information and fans began speculating details of the operators. The operator icons were missing but the logo of the Italian counter-terrorism unit, GIS (Gruppo di intervento speciale) was worn by both characters.

Earlier this week, an image, originally posted on 4chan, was shared on the Rainbow 6 subreddit. It reveals the name of the new season along with details of the abilities of the new operators. 

According to the image, the new operation is called “Operation Para Bellum” and the cover art supports the leaks from the previous month. The image shows the lower part of the two defenders with overlay text that gives the details of their abilities.

One of the operators, presumably Maestro, carries a single ‘tortuga’ (Spanish word for turtle) automatic turret. It is described as a manual camera operated device that can fire ‘multiple zaps’ in succession. Maestro also wields a light machine gun primary weapon which makes him the first defense operator to do so.

The second defender, Alibi, is apparently equipped with ‘hologram projectors’. If an attacker were to shoot at one of these, a red outline of their player model will be visible to the defenders. The image does not confirm whether it is just Alibi or the entire team who can see the tagged attacker. The image says that both operators carry a ‘Judge Revolver shotgun’ as a secondary.

Operation Chimera introduced two attackers, Lion and Finka, so it makes sense that Ubisoft would balance the teams by adding two defenders. The leak is not confirmed by Ubisoft but an official teaser is likely to be released soon as we approach the season two release.

Farhan Ali
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