Rainbow Six Siege’s New ‘Holiday Packs’ Are Bugged on Arrival

In celebration of the holidays, game developers have begun gifting players all sorts of goodies. Ubisoft is also taking part by granting all Rainbow Six Siege players a ‘Holiday Pack’. This new Alpha Pack variant is a one-time use consumable item granted to all players as a Christmas gift. Depending on how many operators you have unlocked, opening a holiday pack will either unlock a locked DLC operator, or reward you with 25,000 renown.

Holiday Pack

The new Holiday Packs resemble Alpha Packs, but feature red and white colors instead of the classic black and gold. There are also Christmas-themed drawings on the packs. If you currently have any one of the DLC operators locked, opening the Holiday Pack will unlock a random one. The selection includes all operators released during Year 1, Year 2, and Year 3. Rainbow Six Siege players who have already purchased all the operators will be given 25,000 renown, which is the cost of one DLC operator.

It seems that the operator that is unlocked is chosen randomly from the list. Players are reporting that the newest operators, Kaid and Nomad, are also among the ones being unlocked.

At the time of writing, there is a bug which prevents players who have all operators unlocked from opening the holiday pack. When attempting to open one, they are met with the following screen:

Holiday Pack
Holiday Pack Bug

It’s great to see developers get into the holiday season and reward the community. Hopefully Ubisoft fixes the issue with Holiday Packs quickly, as the event will end on January 1st 2019.

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Rainbow Six Siege’s New ‘Holiday Packs’ Are Bugged on Arrival

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