Rainbow Six Siege’s New Defender ‘Kaid’ Is The First DLC ‘Hard Breach Denying’ Operator

As we approach the full reveal of Operation Wind Bastion, Ubisoft has introduced the first Moroccan defender, Kaid. Acting as the 8th Commander of the Moroccan Special Forces at the previously revealed Fortress map, Kaid’s uses the “Rtila” Electroclaw,  a “spider-inspired gadget”, to electrify defenses.

Jalal “Kaid” El Fassi is a “stoic and imposing leader” who manages and protects the Fortress, Morocco’s most famous Kasbah. Kaid is the embodiment of dedication and duty, so much so that he sacrificed a personal life for the success of the Kasbah,” reads his character description. “Moroccan military personnel look up to him, both figuratively and literally as he guides their future from his home and castle.”

In terms of his gadget, Kaid will be the first DLC operator to join Mute and Bandit in the art of denying hard breaches. From the introduction trailer, his Electroclaw gadget looks to be a mix between Bandit’s batteries and Ela’s concussion mines. Regarding its functionality, we don’t have much to go on but it’s obvious that this gadget will be used to stop Thermite, Hibana, and to an extent, Maverick from breaching reinforced walls and hatches. Ubisoft notes that, similar to Bandit batteries, the Electroclaw can electrify reinforced walls and hatches, barbed wire, and deployable shields.


That’s all Ubisoft has confirmed regarding Kaid right now, but there might be more to his abilities than the Electroclaw. In the reveal for Fortress, the developers stated that it will be the first map “heavily associated with an Operator” and will feature a “hill with a 360° view.”  It’s possible that this is in reference to the attacking operator who is yet to be revealed, but Kaid’s background and association to the Fortress hint that there’s more to him than meets the eye.

The official reveal of Operation Wind Bastion will take place on November 17th and 18th on the Rainbow Six Twitch channel.

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