Rainbow Six Siege’s Match Cancellation Feature Goes Live Today

A new update for Rainbow Six Siege containing numerous balancing changes, bug fixes, and the highly anticipated match cancellation feature is set to go live later today. Following a lengthy testing period on the test server, the Y5S2.1 will be deployed on all platforms today.

Match Cancellation

Rainbow Six Siege is a game notorious for its matchmaking problems. For years, players have had to endure playing ranked matches with a disadvantage because a player dropped out at the start. The new match cancellation feature will allow players to cancel a fresh ranked match in its early stages, if certain conditions are met.

“The Match Cancellation vote option will become available for the incomplete team during the prep phase and a majority vote will cancel the match,” writes Ubisoft. “A canceled match will show as canceled and have no impact on MMR.”

Players who are not present in the game when a vote to cancel a match is passed will receive an abandon penalty. As with the normal abandon sanctions, the penalties will increase in severity as the player leaves more matches.


The Y5S2.1 update also introduces a number of balancing changes, particularly to the new South African defender Melusi. Her Banshee Sonic devices have seen a nerf reducing their penalty zone by 33%, the max range penalty radius from 6m to 4m, and critical range penalty from 3m to 2m. Additionally, the sounds produced by the Banshee device in first person perspective have been lowered.

Banshee Range Visualizer
Banshee Range Visualizer

Ace and Hibana have also received a change which prevents their gadgets from destroying fragile gadgets on the other side of reinforced walls.

The patch also deploys fixes to a lot of bugs, including Echo’s Yokai drone clipping through rooftops when attached to thin ceilings. Rainbow Six Siege update Y5S2.1 hits Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC later today. Head here for a detailed list of patch notes.


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