Rainbow Six Siege’s Long Standing Weapon Sight Misalignment Problem Fixed in Grim Sky

For a competitive first person shooter game, the last thing you want as a player is inaccurate weapons. In Rainbow Six Siege, a competitive shooter where missing, even by a millimeter, could mean death, weapon sight misalignment has been a problem for a while. Rainbow Six Siege developers have been tackling this issue for a long time, and have finally announced that a fix will be deployed in the upcoming Operation Grim Sky.

Last week, the official reveal of Operation Grim Sky was dropped, in which Ubisoft briefly stated the status of the sight misalignment fix. Today, a detailed blog post regarding the sight misalignment was posted on the official website. The cause of the misalignment lies in the current recoil system, which is why it has been completely reworked in Grim Sky. “This will be done by removing your weapon’s interaction with your Field of View (FOV), and ensuring the reticle will always be in the center of your screen,” reads the post.

Without getting into the technical details of the fix, this short clip explains the entire mechanic in a simplified graphic:

Optic Alignment

Now for a more detailed look; the misalignment of the optics is caused by a variance in the render scales. While the first shot is always accurate, the recoil originated from fully automatic fire causes displacement of the reticle. As a result of this displacement, the bullet travels towards a different point than where the reticle is pointing.

In Grim Sky, the reworked recoil system will be deployed. Unfortunately, Ubisoft was not able to transfer the existing ‘recoil patterns’ over to the updated system. “We have made an effort to ensure that each weapon feels as close to the original recoil as possible.” 

“Our goal is to offer a clean, tight shooting system that enables our players to showcase their skill, without rewarding players with a headshot when aiming at the torso. We have worked hard at trying to match the unique shooting feel of Siege by firing tens of thousands of bullets and switching back and forth between the two systems, and iterating to bring the new recoils closer to their live counterpart.”

Before pushing it to main build of Rainbow Six Siege, Ubisoft deployed these changes on the Test Server allowing players to give their feedback.

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