Rainbow Six Siege’s ‘Holiday Packs’ Have Finally Been Fixed

In celebration of the recent holiday season, Ubisoft released a new variant of Alpha Packs called Holiday Packs. The new consumable item was a Christmas gift from the developers to the Rainbow Six Siege community. All Rainbow Six Siege players were given one Holiday Pack for free.

For those missing any one of the DLC operators, opening the consumable pack would unlock a random Year 1, Year 2, or Year 3 operator. As for those who already own all the operators, they were supposed to be able to ‘convert’ the pack into 25,000 renown. Unfortunately, an issue with the packs prevented players from collecting their free renown.

Holiday Packs


Over a week after their release, the Holiday Packs have finally been fixed. All users who currently have a pack in their inventory should now be able to successfully convert it into 25,000 renown.

Ubisoft addressed the issue in a tweet shared yesterday, reaffirming players that unopened packs will remain in their inventory.

The Holiday Pack Christmas event launched on December 24th 2018 and was supposed to run till January 1st 2019. When players who owned all DLC operators attempted to a Holiday Pack, they were met with an error message.

Fans are wondering why it took the developers so long to fix what seems to be a minor issue. The long wait is likely a result of the holiday season. Regardless, we’re glad that the issue has been resolved and players are finally able to redeem their packs.

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