Rainbow Six Siege’s First Map to be Reworked is Hereford Base

"Hereford Base is getting a makeover"

Earlier this year in January, Ubisoft announced their plans for the third year of Rainbow Six Siege. With the growing competitive scene of the game, the developers needed to make balance changes to their maps and operators. In Operation Para Bellum, the map Clubhouse saw significant changes. In the upcoming season, Grim Sky, Ubisoft will be deploying a complete rework of one of Siege’s oldest maps, Hereford Base.

Earlier this week, Ubisoft officially announced season three, Operation Grim Sky. Today, the first preview for the reworked map dropped alongside a developer blog explaining the changes.

“The aim of this rework is to make serious adjustments to the map to address previously encountered gameplay issues, and to raise the standards of what’s expected for competitive play,” reads the blog post. “Overall, the map will still feel familiar, but this new Hereford Base contains many twists and should be treated as a new map.”

Being one of the oldest maps in the game, Hereford Base has long been criticized for its poor level design. Although not to say it’s not an enjoyable map, the play style on Hereford Base has become stale over the years. Ubisoft has been aiming to enhance the competitive scene of Rainbow Six Siege for a while, as is evident by the latest competitive focused map Villa.

Hereford Base Rework

For this map rework, Ubisoft has gathered valuable data, from both experienced professionals and devoted community members. The new Hereford Base features a new layout and will be much bigger than before. Many players complained about the map containing only one staircase, allowing attackers to easily lock rotations. Now, new staircases have been added that contribute to “increasing the viability of rotations.”

At the end of the day, a map rework does not mean a new map entirely. Although the developers updated “the map’s visual identity and color palette,” the map will retain its “soul” by keeping similarities with the old base. Since launch, the Rainbow Six Siege level designers have learned a lot regarding game balance. We will see how this rework pans out at the full reveal on August 19th.

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Rainbow Six Siege’s First Map to be Reworked is Hereford Base

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