Rainbow Six Siege’s Clash is in Dire Need of a Rework

The most recent operators to join Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Siege have arguably been one of the most unique ones ever added to the first-person shooter. In Operation Grim Sky, the GSUTR CTU added two operators, a blowtorch wielding attacker named Maverick, and the first defensive operator using a full sized taser shield named Clash. Even before their release, players were suspicious of the functionality and balancing of the new operators, and knowing Ubisoft’s history with this topic, they had every right to be.

Upon the Grim Sky release on the test servers, both operators were considered to be ‘overpowered’ and unbalanced in several ways, though several balancing changes were made before the update went live. A month after release, the dust has settled and the real balancing issues have come to light.

While Maverick’s blowtorch is still insanely quiet, a more pressing problem lies within Clash. Admittedly, the release of a shield-carrying defender is new territory for Ubisoft, so some hitches are to be expected, but Clash has severely affected the meta in a negative way. Although several shield operators are available for attackers, many believe that they do not belong on the defensive side.

Needless to say, playing against a Clash can be extremely infuriating, but that’s the whole point of the operator. Where the balance breaks is when she becomes less of a support operator and more of a ‘fragger’. Although her weapon loadout compared to other operators is much weaker, Clash is still able to exploit the one-shot headshot mechanic of Rainbow Six Siege and win the gunfight. While this is true for all shield operators, such as Blitz, Clash’s ability to slow enemies down and swiftly swap to her secondary is the reason why she is considered broken.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of Rainbow Six Siege, the balance issues that arise with Clash cannot be fixed with minor changes. As is the case with Lion, major changes need to be made to Clash if Ubisoft desires a balanced meta. The operator’s issues are not constrained to a specific skill level, however, as player players from all skill divisions, including professional player such as Pengu of G2 Esports, believe that Clash is overpowered and unbalanced. Hopefully, for the sake of the players, the Rainbow Six Siege developers address this major problem.

Farhan Ali
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