Rainbow Six Siege Zofia Elite Set Leaked Ahead of Operation Void Edge Launch

Following the official reveal of Operation Void Edge, Rainbow Six Siege developer Ubisoft pushed the seasonal content update onto the test servers today. Shortly after, avid dataminer RolyNoly1 got busy unearthing all sorts of unannounced features. For instance, digging through the game files revealed an upcoming elite set for Polish attacker Zofia. Currently, there’s no victory animation posted by the leaker, but we have a pretty good look at the uniform and weapon skins.

Zofia Elite Set

As shared on RolyNoly1’s Twitter, Ubisoft’s next target for an elite set is the Polish attacker that was released back in Operation White Noise. Although details of the item aren’t shown, we know that the premium outfit is titled “Duch Bojowy”, which roughly translates to “Fighting Spirit”.

Zofia Elite Skin
Zofia Elite Skin – Courtesy RolyNoly1
Zofia Elite Skin
Zofia Elite Skin – Courtesy RolyNoly1

The operator can be seen donning a blue uniform likely based upon the Polish Blue Army standard uniform. Apart from the name and uniform, there’s also the operator portrait and weapon skins for the M762 assault rifle and LMG-E. Like most elite sets, the Zofia elite bundle likely contains a gadget skin, weapon charm, and MVP animation as well. RolyNoly notes that this leak is only “part 1”, suggesting that further datamines will reveal the missing cosmetics sooner rather than later.

In recent months, Ubisoft has been focusing heavily on releasing elite skins. Operation Void Edge, which is due for release in the next few weeks, will introduce elite sets for both Ash and Caveira. The Tomb Raider Ash elite set will be the third one for the operator, with Caveira’s Mata-Leão bundle being her first.

As the Zofia elite set is yet to be officially announced by Ubisoft, it’s hard to determine an expected release window. However, if past trends are anything to go on, presume that the new cosmetic bundle won’t launch until the end of Operation Void Edge.


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