Rainbow Six Siege Year Four Roadmap Detailed: Kenyan, Indian, Danish Operators Confirmed

Rainbow Six Siege’s long-overdue year four roadmap has finally been revealed. For 2019, Ubisoft’s operator-based first-person shooter is taking a very different approach. Throughout this year, Rainbow Six Siege will rework three maps and introduce operators from seven new nationalities.


Season one, called Operation Burnt Horizon, will bring about the release of the Australian operators and the Outback map. This season will be the only one where both operators belong to the same nationality. Over the next three seasons, team Rainbow will take on operators from Denmark, Mexico, Peru, Kenya, and India.

Map Reworks

Instead of adding a new map every season, Ubisoft will rework some of the pre-existing maps in Rainbow Six Siege. During year four, Kafe Dostoyevski, Kanal, and Theme Park will be reworked. Ubisoft shared with us a sneak-peak of the reworked sections of the first two maps, have a look:

Kafe Rework
Kafe Rework

For Kafe, the top floor section is being altered to give defenders move breathing room and the bottom floor bar stairs have been moved. Additionally, the most hated Bakery bombsite has been moved into Kitchen.

Kanal Rework
Kanal Rework

Despite being Rainbow Six Siege’s most unique map, Kanal hasn’t received any love. The map is now being reworked to provide alternate passageways between the two buildings. Two new connectors in the form of a skybridge at the top and a tunnel in the basement will now allow defenders to maneuver the map with ease.

The Theme Park rework, which is due for release in season four, is still in its early stages. Alongside detailing which aspects of Theme Park are being changed, Ubisoft shared an image of the floor plan.

Theme Park Floor plan
Theme Park Floor Plan

The train cars, haunted stairs, and the maze that is the gargoyle/haunted section are being addressed. Furthermore, the map’s poor visibility and bad lighting will also be improved upon. Check out the Rainbow Six Siege Year Four Developer Diary for more information on the additions and changes coming in 2019.


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