Rainbow Six Siege Year 4 Leaks: Australian Operators and Kanal Rework

The Year 4 Pass for Rainbow Six Siege is now on sale and promises a full year’s content, including 8 new operators. While Ubisoft is yet to reveal the Year 4 roadmap, newly-surfaced leaks are pointing towards an Australian season. Upcoming ‘Invitational’ skins and uniforms have also been leaked.

Australian Operators

Originally found on 4chan, we have our first look at the alleged menu screen for the Australian season. A higher resolution version of the image shared by sixsiege.empire shows the two Australian operators, Mozzie and Gridlock. ResetEra member Kormora claims that an “industry friend” revealed details about the new gadgets.

The leaker says that Gridlock, the attacking operator wearing motocross clothing, uses a “red web tracker” to catch roaming defenders. The ‘Trax’ device, when activated, supposedly makes a noise while simultaneously damaging the defender running through it.

Mozzie, the defending operator, uses a type of hacking device that targets attacker drones. When a drone rolls through it, Mozzie’s gadget supposedly lets her take control of the drone.

Regarding the authenticity of this leak, it seems to line up with another leak which showed up earlier this month. Obviously comparing one leak with another doesn’t really prove anything, but there’s more to it. The same leaker claims that Year 4 Season 2 will rework ‘Kanal’. Ubisoft has previously stated that Kanal has “a nice competitive potential”, indicating that a rework is likely.

Keep in mind that all this information is based on leaks, and is far from official confirmation. Even if it is true, Ubisoft might end up taking an entirely approach.

Invitational Cosmetics

A different leak showcases new Invitational uniforms, headgears, and weapon skins. Pictured below are new cosmetic sets for Doc, Mira, Ash, and Dokkaebi. There’s also a new universal ‘Invitational’ weapon skin.

Rainbow Six Invitational
Invitational Skins

The new content will probably be available to attendees of the upcoming Rainbow Six Siege 2019 Invitational in Montreal, Canada. The 16 best teams will compete at the event which will be held from February 11th to 17th 2019.

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