Rainbow Six Siege Will Add “Huge Story Elements” Next Year

With Rainbow Six Siege’s fourth year coming to a close, developer Ubisoft has begun teasing the next year of content for the first person shooter. The developer has confirmed that fully fledged “story elements” will be introduced in year five season one, and an entire story arc will continue till the end of the year.

In a recent developer interview with IGN, Ubisoft’s Alexander Karpazis revealed information about Operation Shifting Tides and the seasons to come.

“What I can say for Year 5 is the story elements are going to be huge for us,” notes Karpazis. “We’re gonna have a really important story arc that kicks off in season one.” The story revolves around Nighthaven, a private military organization that will be introduced in Shifting Tides. Story progression will take place on multiple fronts, such as operator backstories and even the new Battle Pass.

This isn’t Rainbow Six Siege’s first attempt at story mode gameplay; developer Ubisoft previously toyed with the idea last year in Operation Chimera’s Outbreak event. The developers released CGI trailers that established the operators’ personalities, and a spin-off title based on the event was announced earlier this year.

Being a strictly competitive first person shooter, however, it will be a challenging feat for Ubisoft to bring in story elements. A mini battle pass released in Operation Ember Rise gave players insight into the life of Harry, and I expect next season’s comprehensive battle pass will take that to the next level.

The Hammer and the Scalpel was the last CGI trailer from Ubisoft, so I’m expecting to see similar works in the coming year. It’s unclear whether Rainbow Six Siege will receive dedicated game modes like Outbreak, or simple CGI shorts that expand upon the lore. Either way, with the release of Operation Shifting Tides imminent, it won’t be long before Ubisoft reveals more information about Rainbow Six Siege’s fifth year.

Farhan Ali
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