Rainbow Six Siege Update Nerfs Nomad And Ying

A new update to the Rainbow Six Siege test servers makes a small but significant balancing change to two operators. Nomad and Ying, attacking operators released in operation Wind Bastion and operation Blood Orchid, have had their gadgets slightly altered.


Launched last season, Nomad has quickly become one Rainbow Six Siege’s most powerful attackers. Her Airjab gadget silently and effectively locks down any flank routes that may be used by roaming defenders. When fired, the airjab device sticks to any surface and detonates when a defender walks into its radius. As the device is very tiny and makes no noise whatsoever, it is nearly impossible for defenders to counter it.

The most recent test server update changes the Airjab to emit a continuous sound effect when deployed. This sound acts as a warning for nearby defenders, who will then become aware of the device.

Upon release, Nomad instantly earned a spot as one of the strongest attacking operators. Although her primary weapons are fairly average, her Airjab device is extremely overpowered. When detonated, the gadget renders affected operators completely helpless for a few seconds. While the addition of an idle sound effect is definitely a step in the right direction, Nomad still needs to be tweaked.


Since her release in Blood Orchid, Ying hasn’t been in the spotlight all that much. Most players aren’t able to make the best use of her Candela devices, but in the right hands, the gadget can be extremely powerful.

Similar to frag grenades, Ying can cook the Candela before throwing it. The more you cook it, the longer it will take to detonate. Now the mechanic has been reversed. The longer it cooks, the less time it takes to explode.

Although this seems like a minor change, it will significantly change the way Ying is played. With this nerf, the operator’s ability to spam throw Candelas in one position won’t result in back-to-back detonations. Players will need to perfect their ‘cooking times’ to effectively flush out defenders.

The balancing changes are currently live on the test servers, so it’s possible that they don’t make it to the live version. Check out the full list of patch notes for everything new with the update.

Farhan Ali
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