Rainbow Six Siege To Introduce A Battle Pass From Season 3, Players Will Also Get New Lore From the R6S Universe

Call Us Harry!

Rainbow Six Siege was released way back in 2015, and the game is still going strong with an ever-expanding player base. Ubisoft so far has done a great job monetizing the game with yearly season passes and in-game cosmetics. The company is now set to introduce a Battle Pass system starting with Season 3 Year 4.

The reward system in R6S is pretty straight forward, you play games and earn renown which you can then use to unlock operators and cosmetics. The new Battle Pass will shake things up slightly, giving you BattlePoints as you progress. These BattlePoints will unlock tiers and rewards. The Battle Pass will be deployed in two phases with Phase 1 coming in season 3 this year and Phase 2 coming in season 4.

What’s In Phase 1 and Phase 2?

Phase 1 Battle Pass

Phase 1 will only have a free mini Battle Pass named “Call me Harry“, which will go on for a week during Operation Ember Rise. The Phase 1 pass will have 7 tiers, which upon completion will give players a unique “Harry Chibi Charm”.

Phase 2 is where things get interesting, this will be a full-fledged Battle Pass with two tracks. One of the progression tracks will be free, the other one will be an optional premium track. Progression and unlocks will work the same way as in Phase 1 with players accumulating BattlePoints as they play.

Phase 2

Ubisoft will also take this opportunity to develop their in-game universe, introducing new lore and information about characters. As of now, we don’t have any pricing details but we will update the article in time.

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Rainbow Six Siege To Introduce A Battle Pass From Season 3, Players Will Also Get New Lore From the R6S Universe

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