Rainbow Six Siege Test Server’s Operator Changes Are Coming to Live Servers

Last week, Ubisoft revealed a number of balancing changing coming to Rainbow Six Siege’s test server. Today, the developer announced that the majority of the changes will be brought to live servers in the upcoming mid season patch. There are a few tweaks that were made based on the feedback received in the test servers.

The biggest change of patch 4.3 relates to an increase of the ADS time for every weapon. According to player response, Ubisoft altered the ADS time increase of secondary SMGs from 0.10s to 0.275s instead of 0.35s.

In a new blog post, the Rainbow Six Siege balance team shared the win and ban rates of every operator. Jackal, Echo, and Mira are the most banned operators by a significant margin. On the basis of these stats, Echo is receiving a change that will allow Dokkaebi to counter him.

Dokkaebi Hacking Echo
Dokkaebi Hacking Echo


Previously, Echo was unaffected by Dokkaebi’s ability for lore reasons. Now, in an attempt to balance the operator whilst also making the game “easier to understand to newcomers”, the Yokai drone can now be hacked by Dokkaebi.

Ying and Ela, two operators suffering from low pick rates, will be getting buffed. Ela’s Scorpion Evo3 SMG has reduced recoil to bring her closer to her prime”. Ying is receiving changes to her Candela gadget to improve consistency and effectiveness.

Blackbeard, Nokk, Smoke, Maestro, Finka, and Jager are also seeing changes to their weapons with the upcoming patch. The removal of Maestro’s ACOG, coupled with damage tweaks across the board will make the operators more balanced.

As for future changes, Ubisoft says that the next operator to receive the balance treatment is Lesion. The defender is “over-picked and performs really well”. As seen in the charts above, Lesion has one of the highest pick and win rates on defense. “He takes gun fights, deals damage and slows down the enemy. On top of that, his Gu Mines are also used for information gathering. We are looking into fine tuning him to reduce both his effectiveness and frustration.”

All of these changes will hit Rainbow Six Siege’s live servers with patch 4.3.

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