Rainbow Six Siege test server patch nerfs Blackbeard, again

Secondary gadget changes for Dokkaebi and Finka

Rainbow Six Siege test server has been the main platform for the testing of upcoming changes to the game. Earlier today, Ubisoft unveiled the patch notes for the second test server of Operation Para Bellum. This test server mainly focuses on some balance changes for a few operators. The test server went live on July 11th at 1 PM EDT and includes a nerf to Blackbeard, a Finka buff and some bug fixes.


Even though Lion had been the star of the show of Operation Chimera, Ubisoft stated that Finka had the highest win rate of all attackers throughout the season. At the same time, Finka had one of the lowest pick rates of all attackers. It seems that Ubisoft clearly wants to change that as, on the test server, Finka’s stun grenades have been replaced by frag grenades, increasing her utility significantly. Additionally, attackers under the effect of Finka’s adrenals will take 1.5 times the damage instead of 2 times from Smoke’s canisters.


Ever since IQ received frag grenades, her pick rate in both ranked and pro league matches has surged. Firstly, her frag grenades have been replaced by claymore mines. Secondly, the max range of her electronic detector gadget has been reduced to 15 meters from the original 20 meters.


With the addition of the new bulletproof cameras and Maestro’s Evil Eyes, Dokkaebi is now stronger than ever. Dokkaebi is one of the best roamer hunters in the game right now due to her excellent gadget. In the test server, Dokkaebi’s claymore mines have been replaced with stun grenades.


Blackbeard over the seasons has become one of the most controversial operator to be added to Rainbow Six Siege. Ever since his addition, he has received multiple nerfs, and this patch has nerfed him yet again. Now, both of his shields have a total of 50HP (down from 60HP). Movement speed while using shields has been slightly boosted.

Alongside these changes, the test server patch addresses a few bugs. Operator clipping issues and control related bugs have been fixed. Keep in mind that these changes are on the test server only and it is very possible that some or all of them may not be implemented on the live servers.

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