Rainbow Six Siege Test Server Patch Finally Fixes the “Bird Box” Glitch

Launched a few weeks ago, Rainbow Six Siege Operation Wind Bastion brought along numerous bugs and glitches, not to mention a spike in cheaters. Since the past few weeks, players have been complaining about sound and texture bugs which are being exploited by hackers. The infamous “Bird Box” exploit, which throws a horde of jumbled polygons into the player’s vision, has finally been fixed. A recent test server patch addresses the exploit and makes some changes to Nomad’s airjab gadget.

Bird Box Exploit

The eye-aching exploit was appropriately named by MicrowaveGaming based on the new hit Netflix film called Bird Box. Players who encountered the bug are forced to suffer through the polygonal nightmare for the duration match. Changing the AA or ambient occlusion settings is a temporary solution to the seizure-inducing exploit.

'Bird Box' Exploit
‘Bird Box’ Exploit

In the latest test server patch notes, Ubisoft notes that the “visual graphic glitch that impairs the users sight” has been fixed. This fix is indeed referencing the exploit in question, as Ubisoft confirms by saying, “Also known as the “Bird Box” glitch”

The rest of the Y3S4.2 patch focuses on a long list of bug fixes. Most notably, operators being pushed by Nomad’s Airjab will destroy gadgets such as claymores. This makes it so claymore-airjab ‘traps’ are now more difficult to successfully pull off.

Although the test server patch fixes a major exploit, there are still so many bugs that need to be addressed. There is the sound bug, which completely messes up a player’s ability to discern the origin of sounds. Another significant one is the ‘broken’ barricade bug, where one player continues to see an intact barricade after it has been broken.

Ubisoft has acknowledged some of these bugs, such as the indestructible wall bug, and says that a fix is on the way. Moreover, the implementation of 2 step verification has not lowered the number of cheaters. Hopefully the developers have a plan and take action to relieve the situation quick.

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