Rainbow Six Siege Temporarily Changing Warden And Nøkk’s Loadouts To Counter Exploits

Rainbow Six Siege’s upcoming operation Phantom Sight is live on the test servers, and developer Ubisoft is already making significant changes to the new operators. Danish attacker Nøkk and Secret Service defender Warden have had their loadouts altered on the test servers in order to combat exploits.

By this point, all Rainbow Six Siege players will be familiar with the invisible IQ bug caused by Claymores. Two more game-breaking bugs relating to Deployable Shields and the shield-bearing defender Clash are also quite notorious. For this reason, Ubisoft temporarily disabled both secondary gadgets and Clash from being picked on live servers.

Although Ubisoft stated they had made progress on the fixes, it looks like it’ll be a while before we see them come to live servers. In fact, the exploits are so troublesome that the upcoming operators are being tweaked in order to “minimize potential issues” caused by their secondary gadgets.

When they first launched on the test servers earlier this month, Nøkk had access to Breach Charges and Claymores as her secondary gadget. Warden, the defender, had the option between Barbed Wire and a Deployable Shield. Now, Ubisoft is temporarily swapping Nøkk’s claymores to stun grenades, and Warden’s deployable shield to impact grenades.

Although this is a temporarily loadout change, Ubisoft notes that these changes will also be present once Operation Phantom Sight is officially released. The company says that their original loadouts will be restored once the fix is deployed during the season.

From this, it seems to me that the situation is worse than we were led on to believe. Last week, Ubisoft gave us an update on the exploits claiming that they have deployed “failsafes” to revert the glitches whenever they occur. However, the fact that the developers are altering equipment of two unreleased characters is definitely a bad sign.

Ubisoft will update us as the situation progresses, but with the release of Operation Phantom Sight imminent, it looks like we’re in for another season of reckless defender jumpouts.

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Rainbow Six Siege Temporarily Changing Warden And Nøkk’s Loadouts To Counter Exploits

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