Rainbow Six: Siege Technical Test Server adds deployable cameras and buffs Echo

Shortly after the AMA held by the Rainbow Six Balancing team on the subreddit, the patch notes for the upcoming test server update. The post lists the major changes that are being introduced to the test build of the game. A new deployable camera as a secondary gadget and operator speed and armor reworks are among the changes.

With the update comes the bulletproof deployable camera. The camera will be the first secondary gadget to be added to the game since the addition of claymores and impact grenades. The blog does not give details on how the device works, but fans are speculating it will work similar to Valkyrie’s Black Eyes with limited accessibility. To complement this, Ubisoft is streamlining the observational tool UI.

A core mechanic of the game that is speed and armor ratings will be changed in the patch. Up until this point, three speed operators always trump three armor ones due to the mechanics of the game. The update will slow down three speed operators and speed up the three armor ones. Switching to non-automatic sidearms will grant a small increase to movement speed.

Echo’s low pick-rate has highlighted his weaknesses over the past couple of seasons. He is finally receiving the long awaited secondary Yokai drone. Ubisoft has also adjusted the recharge rate of sonic bursts. Ubisoft’s goal is to shift his passive play style into a more aggressive one.

‘Dropshotting’, a controversial mechanic that has been argued over for a long time, is finally being changed. Now, whenever a player changes to the crouch or prone stance while standing, they will be shifted to the hip fire shooting stance. The pick and ban option is now available in custom games.

The patch includes improvements to the weapon misalignment issue. The updated defuser disable animation will provide better audio and visual feedback. The patch also brings several bug fixes and minor improvements.

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Rainbow Six: Siege Technical Test Server adds deployable cameras and buffs Echo

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