Rainbow Six Siege Operation Steel Wave Patch Notes Breakdown

After a week of teasers and leaks, Rainbow Six Siege finally revealed its upcoming Operation Steel Wave today. A live reveal panel about the new seasonal content update unveiled the two operators, Ace and Melusi, and their gadgets. Check out the video below for a quick rundown of the new gadgets:

Operation Steel Wave

Rainbow Six Siege Year 5 Season 2 introduces the games fourth hard breaching attacker, and a defender who slows down attackers. In addition, a rework to the classic House map has been deployed.


Ace is a two-speed attacking operator from Norway. His primary gadget, the SELMA device, allows him to sequentially open up reinforced walls. These tiny throwable canisters stick to surfaces and automatically begin tearing open small, medium, or large holes depending on how long they are deployed. Ace carries two SELMA devices, and his hard breach potential lands him between Hibana and Thermite.

The SELMA devices can be countered by Bandit’s batteries, Kaid’s electroclaw, Mute’s jammers, or even Wamai’s Magnets and Jager’s ADS.

Ace’s loadout consists of the AK-12 capable of using NATO ACOG sights, the M1014 shotgun, and the P9 sidearm. As for secondary gadgets, he brings to the table either a set of breaching charges or smoke grenades.


Melusi is a three-speed defender from South Africa. Her Banshee Sonic Defense gadgets can be deployed to surfaces to slow down oncoming attackers. When an attacker enters the proximity of a Banshee, the device will hum loudly and slow down the attacker, not unlike the effects of barbed wire. Melusi has three Banshee devices that can be placed on floors and walls.

The Banshee can be destroyed with any explosive like Ash, Zofia, Kali, or simply via a close range melee hit. Thatcher EMP and a hit from Twitch’s Shock Drone will temporarily disable the device.

Melusi comes equipped with the T-5 SMG, the Super 90 shotgun, and the RG15 sidearm. Her secondary gadgets consist of either Impact Grenades or a Deployable Shield.

Amaru Tweak

Released in Operation Ember Rise, attacker Amaru is seeing a small tweak to her gadget. Now, using the Garra Hook on windows will allow Amaru to enter with her weapon equipped, improving her chances of winning against a watchful defender. Furthermore, the gadget can now be used to break through closed hatches without the use of a shotgun.

Proximity Alarm

A new secondary gadget for the defenders has been added to Rainbow Six Siege. Coming in sets of two, this thrown sticky gadget lets both roamers and anchors become aware of approaching attackers by emitting loud beeping noises when triggered.

Operation Steel Wave brings a ton of new changes to Rainbow Six Siege. Check out the patch notes for a detailed list of all new changes and additions.

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