Rainbow Six Siege Operation Steel Wave Launch Date, Update Size Revealed

After its reveal last month, Rainbow Six Siege’s Operation Steel Wave finally has a release date. The newest seasonal content update for the first-person shooter hits live servers on Tuesday, June 16th on all platforms. Following a rigorous four weeks of testing, Ubisoft has made more than a handful of tweaks to some of the upcoming content, including the new operators Ace and Melusi.

As highlighted in the Y5S2 patch notes addendum, the new season of Rainbow Six Siege is slightly different to the first version that launched on the test servers last month. We’ve highlighted all the significant changes, but there are plenty of other bug fixes and minor updates as well.


Melusi is the newest three-speed one-armor defender from South Africa. Her primary gadget, the Banshee device, has seen a slight nerf. The penalty zone for attackers has been reduced by 33%, and the sound effect produced by the device for attackers has been reduced as well.

Furthermore, her deployable shield was replaced with a C4 “to prevent putting extra pressure on attackers and specific attacker utility”.


The ACS12 shotgun for Alibi and Maestro was converted to slug rounds at the beginning of the test server, but that didn’t turn out to well. The gun was still too weak, so Ubisoft improved both the damage and the fire rate to 59 and 300 RPM, respectively.

“Buff to the ACS12’s damage to make it a bit more viable than it is currently,” writes Ubisoft. “ADS speed should also now match other weapons of the same category. Furthermore, on release, the ACS12 had 300RPM, and it was lowered by a later balancing change. With this change alongside the change to slugs, the 300 RPM should not have issues with destruction.”

Update Size

After almost two seasons of huge update files, Operation Steel Wave finally lightens the load. The following are the update sizes for the upcoming update:

  • Xbox One: ~ 6 GB
  • PlayStation 4: ~ 5 GB
  • Uplay: ~ 8 GB
  • Steam: ~ 9 GB

There a bunch of other bug fixes and balancing changes to Ace, Recruit, and the new reworked House map.

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