Rainbow Six Siege Road to Six Invitational and Battle Pass Progression Guide

After a series of leaks and teasers, Ubisoft has officially launched Rainbow Six Siege’s Road to Six Invitational game mode. In addition, the highly-anticipated battle pass is finally here, bringing with it 35 tiers of exclusive themed cosmetics. Keep reading to learn about the new limited time mode, as well as how to efficiently level up the battle pass.

Road to Six Invitational

This time around, the Road to Six Invitational limited time event is much more than a fancy ranked mode. The Program game mode takes place in a custom-made modular map. There are narrow corridors, bulletproof glass panels, sharp corners, and an abundance of chaos. The ruleset is identical to the standard ranked playlist, including pick and ban, abandon sanctions and leaver penalties.

A number of operators will have their event-themed cosmetics automatically equipped. This includes Caveira, Blitz, Mozzie, Sledge, Thermite, and Hibana.

Battle Pass

As for the battle pass, it is very similar to the mini battle pass added to Rainbow Six Siege in operation Ember Rise. Ubisoft followed the industry standard, offering both a free and premium path. Owners of the premium pass will have the chance to unlock over twice as many rewards as the free pass users.

Battle Pass
Battle Pass

The battle pass costs 1200 R6 Credits, and has over 35 rewards including headgears, uniforms, weapon skins, charms, alpha packs, renown boosters, and even R6 Credits.

Progression Guide

There are a number of ways to unlock tiers in the battle pass. Like always, the fastest method requires players to pay for tiers, and this will cost over 4000 R6 Credits for all tiers. For a more optimal approach, players can complete challenges and perform actions to earn battle points.

Battle points are rewarded for the following actions:

  • +120 Match Win
  • +60 Round Win
  • +100 Match Loss

Furthermore, ranked and unranked playlists net +25% battle points, with holders of year 5 pass receiving an additional +30% boost. Take note that cheating the system by going AFK, surrendering, or leaving the match means you won’t earn the points, only a hefty abandon sanction.


In addition to obtaining points by playing, there are challenges that can greatly speed up battle pass progression. Currently, there are four personal and one community challenge that can be completed for a total of 4250 battle points, equivalent to over five battle pass tiers.

  • Match win streak [3]
  • Destroy defender gadgets [40]
  • Destroy attacker drones [40]
  • Suppressor kills [60]

The battle pass is live now and lasts just over a month. The Road to Six Invitational limited-time event is available now and runs until February 16th.

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Rainbow Six Siege Road to Six Invitational and Battle Pass Progression Guide

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