Rainbow Six Siege Reveals Hibana “Onkochishin” Elite Set

Thanks to an array of leaks, Rainbow Six Siege fans knew pretty much everything coming to the game in Operation Burnt Horizon. However, one thing that somehow managed to dodge all the leaks is the Hibana Elite Set. During the Six Invitational, Ubisoft revealed the new “Onkochishin” elite set alongside a CGI short, check it out:

Hibana “Onkochishin” Elite Set

As with all elite sets, the Hibana Onkochishin set unlocks a unique uniform, victory animation, gadget skin and weapon skins for her entire loadout. Furthermore, the set also includes the Elite Hibana Chibi charm.

The Onkochishin uniform is one of the more unique looking ones. As visible in video, the X-Kairos gadget skin features a white body with blue highlights. Regarding the victory animation, however, it’s unclear whether it will be the same one seen in the video, or something different. The elite set reveals are normally led by the victory animation, which takes place on the in-game maps. This time, Ubisoft has instead put resources into developing an animated reveal video.

Another piece of the puzzle that we’re missing is the elite portrait, which is displayed during the operator select phase. Hibana is one of three hard breachers in Rainbow Six Siege, making her one of the most picked operators on all maps. So expect to see this skin a lot more frequently than the rest.

The Onkochishin bundle launches March 6th and will be available to purchase for 1600 R6 Credits, roughly $15. VIP owners of the year four pass can get a 10% discount on all shop items, including the elite skins. Ubisoft didn’t provide a release date for Operation Burnt Horizon, but the new season goes live on the technical test servers today. If you haven’t been caught up with Gridlock and Mozzie, check out Ubisoft’s guide. Additionally, the long overdue year four roadmap reveal took place last night and outlined the new content coming to Rainbow Six Siege in 2019.


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