Rainbow Six Siege Releases a Biker-Themed Elite Skin For Bandit

Ubisoft has released a brand new elite skin for Rainbow Six Siege’s German defender Bandit. The newest premium cosmetic bundle is called “Axle 13”, and is now available to purchase via the in-game shop. Ubisoft also shared a neat cinematic showcasing the contents of the elite skin, check it out:

Bandit “Axle 13” Elite

We’ve actually known about this elite skin for a while now. Back in February of this year, a reputable leaker provided some fairly high quality images of the Axle 13 elite. A short video clip featuring the MVP animation that goes along with the set was also shared.

As for the contents of the bundle, it’s all the usual stuff you get with an elite skin. There are unique weapon skins featuring flame decals for each of Bandit’s weapons. There’s also a unique gadget skin which changes the appearance of the operator’s battery. A two-in-one headgear and uniform bundle transforms the German operator into a Hell’s Angels gang member.

For the Bandit elite skin, Ubisoft went all-out with the lore by sharing detailed graphical representations of the operator’s background. Ubisoft also shared a conversation between Bandit and Harry, who is Six’s newest leader, in which they discuss his nightmares.

Bandit Backstory
Bandit Backstory

Harry: How are your nightmares progressing?

Dominic: I don’t have nightmares. I never did. My dreams are more like overactive situational awareness.

Harry: Can you elaborate?

Dominic: In my dreams, I can remember every detail of every room, who was there and what they talked about. Always, I know I have to maintain control of the situation or risk… erasure.

Harry: That sounds like a nightmare to me.

Dominic: Then I recommend yoga, Doctor. I’ve been told that it helps.

Recently, Ubisoft has been focusing a lot more on the story aspect of the game. The Axle 13 elite skin for Bandit is available to purchase for 1800 R6 Credits. Owners of the Year 4 Pass are entitled to a 10% discount, slashing the price down to 1620 R6 Credits.


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