Rainbow Six Siege Pro Players Are Conflicted About Kali’s New Sniper Rifle

Now that everyone has gotten a good look at Rainbow Six Siege’s newest operators, it seems that the community isn’t sure how to feel about the attacker Kali. Although the idea of a one-shot bolt-action sniper rifle sounds fun, it’s not something you’d want to go up against. Interestingly, professional players all have something to say about the new weapon.


Goddess, a professional player for Soniqs, deemed Kali as potentially “game breaking”, quoting the example of Lion. If the new attacker is indeed that strong, then competitive games will demonstrate a high banrate for Kali. Ubisoft did learn from their mistakes with Lion and prohibited new operators from being used in competitive games until three months after their release. This gives the developers enough time to iron out any potential balance issues.


Pengu from G2 Esports, however, is all for the new weapon. The iconic pro player garnered these opinions after spending some time playing Operation Shifting Tides on the test server. He claims that the CSRX-300 is “overrated”, but not “overpowered”. Her gadget, the LV Explosive Lance, is something nearly everyone is happy with.


KingGeorge, a Rainbow Six Siege pro turned streamer, also felt that Kali isn’t that strong, both in terms of gun and gadget. It’s certainly a controversial topic, but after three weeks on the test server, any issues pertaining to game balance in Shifting Tides will become clear.

As Ubisoft is currently testing the new content, expect to see some stats tweaked before Shifting Tides’ launch next month. When asked about potential nerfs to Kali, Rainbow Six Siege Game Director Emilien Lomet said:

“The latest Pro Workshop deemed her fine, only asked to slow down the bolt action animation by 20% (which we did). We’re fairly confident, but we will keep a close look on TS to adjust things if needed.”

The response implies that Kali used to be even stronger, but thankfully, further changes are not out of the question. Unlike Kali, the defender Wamai seems to be a perfectly balanced alternate to Jager.

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Shifting Tides is available now on the test servers. An exact release date for the new season is yet to be announced.

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Rainbow Six Siege Pro Players Are Conflicted About Kali’s New Sniper Rifle

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