Rainbow Six Siege Pro Player Signs Petition to Remove an Overpowered Operator

"Sign this petition to remove lion, I have had enough."

Today, a Change.org petition by a Rainbow Six Siege pro player has surpassed 4000 signatures in under one day. The petition, which was created on October 11th, calls for Ubisoft to remove an operator from the destruction-based first-person shooter. Lion, a recently introduced attacking operator, has been the basis of many controversial arguments ever since his release at the start of this year. Fabian Hällsten of G2 Esports started the petition to Ubisoft and announced it on his Twitter.

Lion is DLC operator who was added to Rainbow Six Siege alongside Finka in Operation Chimera. The character comes equipped with the EE-ONE-D sonar drone capable of detecting enemy movement. In its current state, the drone can be used twice per round and detects moving enemies by highlighting them in red for the entire attacking team.

While many still consider him an overpowered and unbalanced operator, Lion’s first few weeks in the game were even worse. On release, Lion was able to use his drone three times per round, with a very small cooldown in-between scans. Additionally, if a defender were to get detected during the scan, they would be highlighted for the entire duration of the scan.

Even Ubisoft themselves are unhappy with Lion’s current stateAt the recent Six Major in Paris, Ubisoft game designer Leroy Athanassoff said:

“We are not happy with the way he is tracking character models, it’s too similar to wall hacks and it’s something that only he does. We want to move away from that in the future. Even if we have another intel-focused operator, we will never have [Lion’s] live-tracking in Rainbow Six Siege: it’s too similar to using wall hacks and it’s just not fun.”

Fans of nearly every competitive game are continuously engaged in balance discussions, but its clear something isn’t right when professional players want a character removed. It can be argued that post-nerf Lion is balanced, but coordinated team efforts during a Lion scan can still chew through the defending team in seconds.

After a quick look at the Six Major operator ban rates, its obvious that Fabian of G2 Esports is not the only pro players who feels this way. During the event, the operator with the highest ban rate (63.9%) was, of course, Lion. In the matches where he wasn’t banned, Lion was picked in 27.5% of the rounds played. While there are many opinions regarding the controversial operator, the evidence directly indicates that he is in dire need of some changes.

Sixteen hours after creation, Fabian’s petition has acquired 4000 of its 5000 signature goal.

Farhan Ali
Farhan is a passionate writer with an undying love for games, PC hardware, and technology. With nearly 5 years of experience in blogging and over 14 years of experience in gaming, this is what he loves and does best.

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Rainbow Six Siege Pro Player Signs Petition to Remove an Overpowered Operator

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