Rainbow Six Siege “Platform 9 3/4” Exploit Fixed in Upcoming Patch

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Burnt Horizon kicked off earlier this month, but was met with severe negative feedback. Many PC players reported bad performance and black screens when alt-tabbing. Among the many issues, the most notable one was the “Platform 9 3/4” exploit on the new Outback map. The upcoming patch 1.1 addresses many of those problems and deploys tomorrow, Ubisoft announced today.

“Platform 9 3/4” Exploit

Shortly after the launch of Burnt Horizon, players discovered a particularly odd bug on the new map Outback. A blocked window located in the bathroom allowed attackers to rappel through. Hilarity ensued as defending players were caught off guard by attackers swinging in through what seemed to be a solid wall. The window, aptly named Platform 9 3/4, is located right between two bomb objectives, making the bug a potentially game-breaking one.

Additionally, operation Burnt Horizon reworked Rainbow Six Siege’s movement system. This was done as an attempt to counteract the growing issue of crouch and lean spam. However, the new system brought another problem: operators sliding when they sprint just after transitioning from the prone position. Fortunately, tomorrow’s update also addresses this animation issue.

Alongside addressing numerous other bugs, the Rainbow Six Siege year four patch 1.1 fixes the “Platform 9 3/4” exploit on Outback. Furthermore, the black screen shown for a few seconds after alt-tabbing has been fixed. Check out the patch notes for a detailed list of changes.

Despite increasing the test server duration to three weeks, operation Burnt Horizon launched with an unusually high number of problems. Although the new season added a good amount of content, players were unhappy with the state of the game. Ubisoft is yet to address the low FPS issue reported by several players, but tomorrow’s update is definitely a step in the right direction.

Y4S1.1 patch deploys March 19th for PC, and the same changes will be included in the next update for consoles.

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Rainbow Six Siege “Platform 9 3/4” Exploit Fixed in Upcoming Patch

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