Rainbow Six Siege Phantom Sight Brings Back Dropshotting

After three weeks of public testing, Rainbow Six Siege Operation Phantom Sight is coming to live servers on June 11th. The lengthy testing phase allowed Ubisoft to tweak several operators, including Warden and Nøkk. While the developers addressed numerous bugs, they weren’t able to fix one which makes dropshotting possible again.


Last year in April, Rainbow Six Siege developers altered the movement mechanics to prevent players from dropshotting. Whenever an operator goes prone, they were shifted to the hip fire stance. However, it looks like that dropshotting is back, and won’t be fixed until after Phantom Sight’s launch.


For the past few weeks, a trio of game breaking exploits have led to Clash, Claymores, and Deployable Shields being temporarily disabled. Rainbow Six Siege players will be glad to know that Ubisoft is deploying a partial fix allowing them to re-enable the operator and both secondary gadgets.

To minimize potential issues, the developers are temporarily changing Warden and Nøkk’s secondary gadget loadouts. Warden will now carry impact grenades instead of a shield, and Nøkk’s claymore has been dropped in favor of stun grenades.

Gameplay Changes

Operation Phantom Sight brings a bunch of balancing changes. These changes were made based on feedback from the Rainbow Six Siege community.


Welcome Mat HP has been reduced to 66 (down from 100), making them much easier to destroy when vaulting over windows.

We felt Frost Mats were sometimes too hard to destroy, and we want cautious players to be rewarded accordingly,” writes Ubisoft.


Kaid now carries Nitro Cell instead of Barbed Wire, making him more versatile” and thus, increasing his pick rate.


The change that caught most of us off guard was a buff to Pulse’s gadget. His Cardiac Sensor’s unequip time had been lowered to 0.65 seconds (down from 0.8 seconds). Ubisoft says that this change will make Pulse a bit more appealing and comfortable to use during a round”.


The recoil of Twitch’s F2 primary weapon has been increased. Thanks to a powerful primary weapon, Twitch has retained her position as a top tier attacker. Many players speculated that Ubisoft will balance her by removing her ACOG, similar to what happened with Ash, but it turns out that’s not the case.

As an Operator with one of the highest performance and pick rates, having one of the most powerful weapons in her hands made her a bit too powerful.”

Stealth Gauage

Previous operators utilizing a stealth gauge will now now use the same new gauge behavior system used for Nøkk. All such abilities, such as Vigil’s ERC-7 and Caveira’s Silent Step, can now be activated at any time if above 20%.

Operation Phantom Sight goes live on Rainbow Six Siege later today.


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