Rainbow Six Siege Patches Exploit That Allows Anyone to Join Your Squad

Over the past few days, some Rainbow Six Siege players have been abusing an exploit to force their way into other people’s squads. To combat this, Ubisoft deployed a hotfix for PC that will prevent uninvited players from joining your lobbies.

“To fix an exploit where players could join lobbies uninvited, we have released a hotfix that will require PC players to have at least one friend already in the squad,” reads a recent tweet from the Rainbow Six Siege Twitter account.

Initially, the exploit was used by cheaters to harass random people by joining their squads and not leaving. However, the issue quickly grew out of hand as streamers began encountering this as well. Players hosting FACEIT Pro League game lobbies also had to deal with these unwelcome guests.

While the issue is not too hard to work around, as all you would need to do in this scenario would be to leave the party, it is still an annoying thing to have to deal with. Rainbow Six Siege’s party system is quite buggy at times, so it’s good that the issue was quickly fixed.

“To clarify, now players can only join games in which they have a friend already in that squad (whether it be the squad host, or someone else already in that party). Players can no longer use an exploit to force themselves into squads with other players,” a follow-up tweet clarifies.

What this means is that as a player, you will need to have at least one friend on the squad you are trying to join. However, this does mean that you won’t be able to squad up with random players until Ubisoft figures out a permanent solution.

Targeting cheaters and fixing exploits is currently one of Ubisoft’s top priorities. And while over the past few months progress has been made, there is still a lot that needs to be done.

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Rainbow Six Siege Patches Exploit That Allows Anyone to Join Your Squad

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