Rainbow Six Siege Patch 2.2 Drops Finka Gets Frag Grenades

Ubisoft has recently released patch 2.2 for Rainbow Six Siege. The patch was dropped on July 23rd for PC and July 24th for consoles and has brought significant changes in gameplay. The changes on operators are mostly done from their pick rate in Pro league games and community feedback.

Pick rate of attack operators

Gameplay Changes

  • Advanced drone deployment –  Now you will have the option to decide if you want to be immediately pulled into the drone’s camera or press a button after deployment to do so. This is something competitive players have been asking for a long time as you don’t want to see your drone right after you deploy it in tough spots.
  • Reset key bindings (Only on PC) –  Ubisoft has revamped the key binding section in the options menu. With the introduction of the new Observation Tool System, they split the key binding section into three groups, General, Operator Control and Observation Tool Control for easier access.

Balancing Changes

  • Finka

  1. The duration of her ability has been reduced from 20 seconds to 10 seconds.
  2. She will now be given Frag grenades instead of Flash grenades.
  3. Earlier, when Finka had here ability activated, she took a lot of extra damage from Smoke’s canisters. This damage has now been reduced.
  4. Players with Finka’s Boost will also aim down sights slower than before. The aim down sights modifier for Adrenaline Rush has been reduced from -50% to -25%.
  • IQ

  1. IQ will be lose her frag grenades and get a claymore instead.
  2. Her gadget detection range has been reduced from 20m to 15m.
  • Blackbeard

  1. MK17’s damage has been buffed from 42 – 49.
  2. Blackbeard’s DMR has been nerfed. The gun will have it’s damage drop from 72 to 61.
  3. Blackbeard will also run faster as he will now have a 30% reduction in movement speed penalty when the Rifle Shield is equipped.
  • Glaz

  1. His main gun’s damage has been reduced from 85 to 71.
  • Twitch

  1. FAMAS Damage will reduce from 40 to 37.
  • Jackal

  1. Jackal has increased footstep scanning distance from 5m to 8m.
  • Frost

  1. Frost has increased SMG damage, from 43 to 45.
  2. Her shotgun has also been buffed, from 32 to 35 damage.
  • Dokkaebi

  1. Dokkaebi will have stun grenades, instead of a claymore.
  • Barbed wire

  1. This gadget has been slightly buffed, it’s slowing effect has been increased from 45% to 50%.

Significant Bug Fixes

  • Alibi can deploy her gadgets on all carpets,which were bugged before.
  • Capitao’s crossbow bolt sometimes remained floating on the side while in use, which has now been fixed.
  • Tachanka’s speed increase exploit has been fixed.

Ubisoft in their designer notes have hinted that they might nerf Alibi a bit in a future patch because she is a bit overpowered in ranked matches. They are also making significant changes to Castle to make him more viable, but don’t have an ETA at the moment. You can check the detailed patch notes here.


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Rainbow Six Siege Patch 2.2 Drops Finka Gets Frag Grenades

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