Rainbow Six Siege Patch 1.2 deploys LMG rework and nerfs to Lion, Vigil, and Ying

After being tested on Technical Test Servers, patch 1.2 will be pushed to the live build of the game on May 1st. The purpose of the update was to balance the new operators added in Operation Chimera, as well the existing ones.

The most anticipated change was to Lion and his drone. Both casual players and professionals have been complaining about Lion and his overpowered gadget. Since the past few weeks, the meta has shifted greatly in favor of the attackers. Now,  when Lion activates his scan, the outline will only appear if the defenders are moving. The max charges have been reduced to two and cool down between charges has been increased to twenty seconds.

Vigil’s gadget was also rebalanced due to his high pick rate in pro league. The Electronic Rendering Cloak now depletes after twelve seconds of use and recharges completely in six seconds. Similarly, another operator with a high pick rate, Ying has had her smoke grenades replaced with claymores. Ubisoft felt that she was too strong in highly organized groups and too weak in ranked matches. This change will hopefully balance out Ying’s abilities as an operator in all aspects. Hibana’s claymore has been replaced with breaching charges and her X-Kairos pellets no longer set off Jäger’s ADS devices. The reasoning behind this change was to reduce her abnormal pick rate in matches of all skill levels.

Another major change in this patch was directed towards LMGs. According to the designer notes, the LMGs are too weak due to their low damage and fire rate. The update buffed the damage values of all LMGs. This change, along with the new recoil system Ubisoft has been working on, will hopefully make LMGs a more viable weapon choice. The most notable damage buff was a fourteen point increase to the M249.

Patch 1.2 also contains a number of bug fixes and level design issues.

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Rainbow Six Siege Patch 1.2 deploys LMG rework and nerfs to Lion, Vigil, and Ying

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