Rainbow Six Siege Operation Wind Bastion Takes Players to the Kingdom of Morocco

As we near the end of Grim Sky, Ubisoft has officially announced the fourth season of the third year of Rainbow Six Siege. Operation Wind Bastion will introduce two new operators from the Moroccan Special Forces, the GIGR (Groupe d’Intervention de La Gendarmerie Royale). Alongside the new operators, a brand new map that “represents the pinnacle of military training facilities” will be added.

Operation Wind Bastion

Following a vague teaser that was shared yesterday, Ubisoft gives us our first look at Operation Wind Bastion in the form of a blog post. The map that comes with this season is a “renowned fortress located in the Atlas Mountains.” The map is essentially a “mudbrick kasbah”, which is a type of fortress or medina.

In terms of operators, we’ll be getting one male defender and one female attacker. The defending operator is referred to as the Commander himself who is as stoic as the mountains are immovable.” Stationed at the aforementioned kasbah, this operator “inspires respect” and has “awed thousands of incoming soldiers.” It’s difficult to determine his role as a defender, but if I had to take a guess, I’d say he’s more of a team-based defender, sort of like Rook.

The second operator is described as “perceptive and resourceful” who has “a knack for pushing the enemy back.” This might be a clue towards her gadget, which seems to draw her up as an aggressive attacking operator. “She’s among the few explorers who can cross the Sahara, climb up the Alps, trek through Asia’s rainforests, march along the Arctic Circle…and still return to her unit in operational shape,” reads her operator description.

Operation Wind Bastion feels a lot similar to Dust Line thanks to the similar setting. Unlike Dust Line, however, the operators described feel a lot more complex when compared to simple throwable cameras or a face-shield. The full reveal of operation Wind Bastion will be aired on the Rainbow 6 Twitch on November 17th and 18th during the Pro League Finals.

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