Rainbow Six Siege’s ‘Fortress’ is the First Map “heavily associated with an Operator”

Following an accidental reveal by Ubisoft Thailand yesterday, the new ‘Fortress’ map for Rainbow Six Siege has now been officially revealed. Though we caught a glimpse of the map in the initial announcement of Operation Wind Bastion, Ubisoft has given us a complete tour of the map in today’s reveal video, check it out:

Straight away, the Fortress map gives off a familiar vibe as the theme is very similar to Dust Line’s Border map. Judging from its description in the announcement post, it looks like that Fortress is a map that will revitalize Rainbow Six Siege. Although it only features two floors, this map has a lot of rooms and sections which give it a lot of uniqueness compared to other maps. The map is divided into two sections, and Ubisoft says that Fortress features “a variety of open space, points of cover, and lines of sight for both close and long range engagements.”

Possibly the most interesting fact about this map is its “heavy” association with an Operator. The map has been especially designed for a commander situated on a “hill with a 360° view.” This information seems to line up with a leak which originated yesterday on Reddit which claimed to reveal nearly everything about the upcoming defender. The leak looks very fishy and unreliable, but the information provided looks to be correct now that Ubisoft has given us a bit of insight. I’ll let you check out the video for yourself, but I wouldn’t get my hopes up without official confirmation from the developers themselves.

All in all, Fortress looks to be one of the most detailed maps ever made for Rainbow Six Siege. There’s even an easter egg referencing Lord Tachanka! Big maps like what Fortress is shaping up to me might end up being confusing, but Ubisoft says that the two sections are “distinguishable” and players can easily “orient themselves.”


The full reveal of Fortress as well as the new operators will be take place on the Rainbow Six Twitch channel on November 17th and 18th.

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Rainbow Six Siege’s ‘Fortress’ is the First Map “heavily associated with an Operator”

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