Rainbow Six Siege Operation Shadow Legacy Adds Sam Fisher, New Scopes, Quality of Life Changes

Operation Shadow Legacy is Rainbow Six Siege’s third season of its fifth year and it is arguably one of the biggest content updates the game has ever seen. While there is only one new operator joining the roster, the upcoming seasonal update brings with it a map rework to Chalet, huge balancing changes, and significant quality of life improvements.


For the first time in the history of the game, Rainbow Six Siege is adding an operator from a new franchise. Sam Fisher call-sign Zero is a new attacking operator from the iconic Splinter Cell franchise. He is a two-speed two-armour operator who brings a new weapon: the SC3000K assault rifle. An MP7 submachine gun as well as a 5.7 USD suppressed comprise the remainder of his loadout.

His primary gadget, the Argus launcher can fire four portable cameras capable of drilling through surfaces and providing an eye on both sides of a wall or floor. After deployment, each camera projectile can fire a laser that can destroy defender gadgets stealthily.

New Optics

Weapon optics, more specifically the ACOG in Rainbow Six Siege have long been the topic of debate. Operation Shadow Legacy introduces a complete overhaul to weapon optics by changing numerous existing sights as well as adding new ones. The colours and opacity of all reticles can be changed within the new accessibility tab in the game’s settings menu.

New scopes and magnification levels mean that some weapons previously locked to 1x scopes will now have access to the new 1.5x and 2x. The previously 3x magnification of the ACOG has been reduced to 2.5x, and a number of sights have witnessed a visual overhaul. A 3x long-range scope only available to DMRs has also been added. Each scope will have its own sensitivity slider to allow for more customisation.

Secondary Hard Breach

A new secondary hard breach gadget allows attackers to slowly but surely punch a medium-sized hole in reinforced walls. The gadget takes a while to deploy, and it has a fairly long fuse. However, defenders can counter it as usual with electrified or jammed walls.

Quality of Life Improvements

Operation Shadow Legacy introduces an array of QoL changes, such as the much-requested colourblind accessibility options, revamped ping system, map bans, and a reinforcement pool mechanic.

Starting next season, players will be able to up their coordination thanks to the new ping system. Each player is assigned a number ping marker at the start of each match, and gadget pings from drones and cameras will provide contextual information to all teammates.

Lastly, the reinforcement pool mechanic means that all defenders will have a shared reinforcements instead of two per player. The whole team always has 10 reinforcements, meaning an untimely disconnect or a stubborn player won’t affect the number of fortifications you can lay down.

A significant number of other balance changes and bug fixes are also part of Operation Shadow Legacy. The new update goes live on the test server on August 17th.

Farhan Ali
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