Rainbow Six Siege Operation Grim Sky Reworks Hereford Base, Consulate, Introduces Operator Idle Pick

Aside from the addition of two new operators, Rainbow Six Siege Operation Grim Sky brings with it a bunch of changes to maps, and other core gameplay mechanics. With two maps receiving reworks and buffs, quality of life changes in the form of Operator Idle Pick and requirement of two factor authentication for ranked will be added to Rainbow Six Siege.

Hereford Base Rework

In the past, Herford Base had been criticized for its unbalanced objectives and lack of rotations. With this map rework, Ubisoft has added another staircase to the map, increasing verticality and viability. Being one of Siege’s oldest maps, this map rework has made the all objectives of the map viable and more fun to play for everyone. Before getting into the physical changes, the art style of the entire map has also been redone. Ubisoft’s art design team has created an exceptional and immersive environment by adding more color and depth to all corners of the map, inside and outside.

Starting off from the attacker spawns, none were physically changed but two spawns were renamed. Three spawns in total exist, Shooting Range at the North, Spitfire Courtyard at the East, and Control Tower at the West. Moving on the interior, arguably the deadliest section of the map for defenders, the third floor has been completely changed. Previously two window filled rooms connected via ‘death corridors’, the third floor of Hereford Base now contains the first bombsite, Tractor Storage and Ammo Storage. Developers describe playing the bombsite as complete “chaos”. The second floor is home to the second bombsite, Kid’s Bedroom and Master Bedroom. The third bombsite is at the ground floor in Kitchen and Dining Room. Down in the Basement, bombs are located in Brewery and the Fermentation Room.

Operator Idle Pick

Starting in Grim Sky, Ubisoft will be introducing the Operator Idle Pick mechanic. With this mechanic, players who do not pick an operator before the end of the pick phase will be automatically assigned an operator at random. This quality of life change is a much appreciated one as all of us have experienced something like this at least once.

Consulate Map Buff

After being removed from competitive map pool a couple months ago, Ubisoft began work on making changes to Consulate. Deploying in Grim Sky, the new Consulate map now contains a fourth bombsite located in Visa Office and Archives. Aside from that, there are a bunch of minor changes to the map, essentially cleaning up the environment.

Tellers and Visa Bombsite

Two Factor Authentication for Ranked

As part of the war against cheaters, this new quality of life mechanic aims to offer a better ranked experience for players. From now on, in order to play ranked, players must have Ubisoft’s two factor authentication enabled on their account. With this change, Ubisoft aims to thin down the number of cheaters in ranked matches.

All the changes and additions listed above, including the new operators, will be playable on the Technical Test Server starting August 20th.

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