Rainbow Six Siege Operation Grim Sky Goes Live September 4th

The third season of the third year of Rainbow Six Siege, Operation Grim Sky, is approaching its release. Earlier this month, the new content was made available on the test servers for PC. Although we knew the release was supposed to be sometime in September, now we have a confirmed release date. Rainbow Six Siege Operation Grim Sky launches with two new operators and a reworked map this Tuesday.

The official Rainbow Six Twitter account shared the announcement in a post:

By now, almost all additions and changes in Grim Sky are known the public. The new content drop adds two new operators, Maverick and Clash, as well as changes to two in-game maps. Hereford Base, one of Siege’s oldest maps, has been completely reworked in order to provide better balance. Another old map, Consulate, has received a map buff, similar to what we saw on Clubhouse earlier this year. The police line spawn point has been extended allowing for easier avenues out of the spawn. For the full list of additions and changes in Grim Sky, including the return of Favela to the casual map rotation and a Frost Elite Set, check out the official website.

Almost two weeks ago, the test server for Rainbow Six Siege went live with Operation Grim Sky. PC players were given the opportunity to try out the new content before its official release. The purpose of the test server is to detect and iron out bugs and issues with new updates before their release, and that is exactly what Ubisoft did. According to Steam Charts, over the past month, the Rainbow Six Siege test server on Steam saw an average of 1500 active players with a peak of 15000 players. Many bugs and unintended additions were identified and fixed. Ubisoft shared the whole list of bug fixes and balancing changes in the Grim Sky patch notes addendum.


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