Rainbow Six Siege Operation Ember Rise: Patch Notes Breakdown, Ubisoft Finally Addresses Boosting in Ranked

  • Following the conclusion of the Rainbow Six Siege Raleigh Majors, the next season of Ubisoft’s first person shooter is now live on the test servers. Operation Ember Rise takes to new heights on the reworked Kanal with Amaru and Goyo, the new Mexican and Peruvian operators. In addition to the new content, the developers are making dozens of changes. We’ve gone through the patch notes and noted down the most significant ones.

No More Copper Boosting

It took a whopping four years for ranked to be pulled out of beta, but it was still lacking a major feature. Players were able to freely queue with other players regardless of their rank, or more specifically, average match making rating (MMR). This resulted in a lot of unbalanced games, and Ubisoft has finally decided to fix that.

The new Rank Restriction makes it so that there cannot be a gap of 1000 MMR between the players with highest and lowest MMR in the squad. If the MMR is greater than the specified limit, for example if a Diamond player parties up with a Gold 1, they will not be able to queue for ranked.

New Champions Rank

Speaking of Ranked, a new domain of ranks above Diamond has been added. While in the new Champions category, the top 9999 players will be given individual rank numbers. Consequently, this means that players will continuously be fighting for a higher position on the Champions ladder.

Champions Rank
Champions Rank

Unranked Playlist

If you’re being put off by all the recent changes to Ranked, then Ubisoft has introduced another playlist to help with the game’s steep learning curve.

Unranked is a multiplayer playlist which follows the Ranked ruleset, but doesn’t affect a player’s Rank or MMR. Take note that all sanction penalties obtained in unranked, such as abandon and renown penalties, will carry over to ranked.

Player Comfort

In Ember Rise, Ubisoft is improving player experience by introducing heavier penalties for those who continuously abandon ranked matches. Additionally, the game will now do a better job of detecting and handling AFK players. Lastly, the newly introduced reverse friendly fire can no longer be abused by squads ganging up on players. The new system will take into consideration a squad’s “overall level of toxicity”, and may activate RFF for the entire squad.

Operator Balancing

Operation Ember Rise is one of the biggest when it comes to operator balancing. Nearly a dozen operators, including Mira, Maestro, Lesion, and the freshly introduced Warden and Nokk saw changes to their secondary gadgets.

The most significant loadout change is definitely Dokkaebi and Glaz getting Frag Grenades as a secondary gadget. Read up on the full list of gadget changes here.

After Phantom Sight’s mid season patch nerfed shield operators, it seems Ubisoft has delivered another one. The time taken to ADS for shield operators has been increased from 0.4 seconds to 0.6 seconds.

In addition to all these changes, Ember Rise will kick off with the first phase of Rainbow Six Siege’s battle pass. 


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