Rainbow Six Siege Heads Into Year 6 With Operation Crimson Heist

Closing out year 5, Rainbow Six Siege just got its first teaser for the next operation. As with all seasonal updates, our first teaser is a short look at the new operator that is coming with Operation Crimson Heist, check it out:

That’s all that was revealed in the first official teaser, so there’s not much to go off of. However, the image of what seems to be the operator confirms the suspicions we’ve had for over a month now. A few weeks ago, Rainbow Six Siege dataminer @benjaminstrike posted on Twitter a series of leaks claiming to know the name of the next season as well details about the operator and their gadget.

The leakster, who also accurately predicted the Stadium map coming with the Road To Six Invitational event, was correct in determining the name of the season. Moving deeper, Benjaminstrike claims that the Y6S1 gadget is called ‘RCE-Ratero’, an explosive drone that can detonate similar to a C4. According to the dataminer, the gadget belongs to Argentenian attacking operator Flores’.

As for the rest of the update, datamines revealed that Operation Crimson Heist will bring a much-needed rework to the Border map. Released all the way back in year 1 with Operation Dust Line, Border was taken out of the competitive map pool last year. The map is notorious for its unbalanced objectives and outdated design, so hopefully the rework will make it fun to play again.

Although we cannot really confirm any of that information except the name of the operation from the teaser provided above, there is a good chance most of this is accurate. The official reveal for Operation Crimson Heist is scheduled for February 21st, which is also when we will find out what Ubisoft has planned for year 6 of Rainbow Six Siege. In the days leading up to the reveal, expect to see more teasers about Operation Crimson Heist.


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