Rainbow Six Siege Officially Unveils Australian Ops, Attacker Gridlock and Defender Mozzie

Gridlock and Mozzie, Rainbow Six Siege’s highly anticipated Australian operators, have officially been revealed. Following a number of Operation Burnt Horizon teasers, Ubisoft’s latest blog post shares the full backstory of the new operators. Thanks to a number of leaks, we’ve known the names and minor details of both operators for a while. However, it seems that we had it the other way around the whole time. Contrary to what most leaks suggested, the female operator Gridlock is actually the attacker, and the male operator Mozzie is the defender.


First described as a “stoic Attacker who’s just there to get the job done”, Gridlock is the SASR’s attacking operator. Tori “Gridlock” Tallyo Fairous is a farm girl from Central Queensland who’s joined Australia’s SASR special forces unit, and now team Rainbow. Her gadget, the Trax Stingers, are designed “stop pursuing vehicles in their tracks” and “add a new dimension to her team’s control of their surroundings.”

While the exact details are yet to be revealed, we can almost confirm that Gridlock is equipped with the “red web trackers” that we saw in the previous leaks.


Defending operator Max “Mozzie” Goose is aptly described as a “show pony”. Unlike what his silly behavior leads you to believe, he is a force to be reckoned with. Mozzie uses his ‘Pest’ device to “make the enemy think twice about their intel gathering strategies”.

Again, no concrete information regarding Mozzie’s gadget, but it is heavily implied that his gadget allows him to hack and take control of attacker drones.

Together, Gridlock and Mozzie join Rainbow Six in Operation Burnt Horizon as the long-awaited Australian operators. Check out Ubisoft’s blog post to learn more about the two new operators. Complete details about all the changes coming in Operation Burnt Horizon will be shared during the Six Invitationals. The full reveal will be streamed live on the Rainbow Six Twitch channel on February 17th.

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