New Rainbow Six Siege “Morphus” Arcade Event Leaked, Features Teleporting Operators

Rainbow Six Siege’s recent Attrition arcade mode wasn’t all that exciting, but it seems developer Ubisoft has something much more impressive coming up. Datamines of the game files from a few months back revealed new robot-themed cosmetics, as well as a new elite skin for Dokkaebi. It was clear that the wacky outfits were intended for some sort of an arcade event, and a new gameplay leak has solidified that claim.

Morphus Arcade Event

As shared by Rainbow Six Siege YouTuber DBL online, the upcoming Morphus Arcade mode is much more promising than the recent Attrition arcade mode. Likely set on the Tower map, Morphus pits attackers and defenders in robot costumes against each other, but there’s an added twist.

Operators from both sides have access to a new “teleporting” ability. Attacking operators can use drones normally, but upon exiting the observation tool, they will be teleported to the location of the drone. Likewise, defending operators can do something similar with their secondary gadgets. All defenders have access to one bulletproof camera, which can be deployed on surfaces like normal. Entering the observation tool as a defender will make them invisible for as long as they are on the tool. Exiting the camera tool when viewing a bulletproof camera will teleport the defender to the location of the camera.

As for the game mode itself, not much is known except that it will be a new take on the Secure Area game mode. Rumours suggest that the game mode will feature two secure area objectives. Normally, that would be way too imbalanced, but with the ability to manoeuvre across the map quickly, it might work out.

The Morphus arcade event for Rainbow Six Siege is yet to be officially announced. The Attrition limited time mode ended just a few days ago, so it might be another few weeks until we see the release of Morphus.

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